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The Lalit Mangar - Key to Luxury

To begin with, wish you all a very Happy New Year!

With a heavy heart and a conscience full of guilt, I must confess that I’m aware of being ‘Missing In Action’ from the blog for quite sometime now.

In my defence, I have just finished the most arduous task of moving to a new house and there are still piles of boxes lying in my new room. For the last couple of months, I have been totally consumed with the renovation work, besides, the commercial photography shoots, which are no mean tasks either.

So, finally, when an opportunity to steal a breather, a do-nothing break, showed up, I couldn’t just let it go. The LaLit Mangar, an experiential 5-star hotel nestled in the forests of Mangar Bani Valley near Faridabad, is where I escaped to.

After an hour-long drive through and beyond the maddening roads of Delhi, I was delighted to reach the quite-serene resort, nestled in the calm of Aravali Hills. Resembling a cascading village, the resort has been constructed using a unique Rammed Earth Technique, that’s nature friendly and a first in India. Consequently, the walls are aptly insulated, with unique rustic patterns, that help them blend seamlessly into the natural bounty surrounding the luxury resort.

I instantly fell in love with my amply spacious room, with a splendid view of the Aravalis. A remarkably comfortable king size bed coupled with all the amenities at my disposal, I was in comfort heaven.

As it was almost Lunchtime, we headed to the multi-cuisine restaurant. On our way, we also met Spotty, a deer, who freely visits the resort and has, in fact, become their mascot.

As soon as we sat down for lunch, fresh Greek Salad and Minestrone soup, were served, which I really liked. I could sense the sincerity of Chef Pronob Barua and team, for healthy eating, as most of the produce used in the kitchen was fresh from the farm. The freshness of the vegetables, the lightness of the curries and the use of Quinoa, Ragi, Organic Chia seeds or Buckwheat, were all a testimony to the initiative of making the food taste simple, hearty and healthy.

No wonder, it was the Buckwheat Risotto that I fell in love with. Creamy and herbaceous, the risotto melted in my mouth. Made with Buckwheat (popularly known as Kuttu Ka Atta), the risotto was unique and a healthier version of its original self. I also liked Daal Baluchi, a specialty of The LaLit. Cooked for hours, the daal had a quintessential earthy flavour. The Chicken Curry served in the mains had Chettinaad flavours and aroma of fried curry leaves. Though I ate to my heart’s content, I, never for once, felt stuffed.

For dinner, we were served Bhunja Maash, Pahadi Dum Aloo Rogani with Naan and Makki Ki Kheer. If I have to go back and plead for one dish, it would be Bhunja Maash. With tender pieces of mutton cooked in a meaty-aromatic curry, it can make any soul feel warm and fuzzy. The deep-spicy flavour was typical of the curries made in a Granny’s kitchen. I had no qualms as I licked my fingers clean. Gurjas too enjoyed having this curry and felt it was one of the best Mutton dishes he’s ever had.

We finished the meal with Makki ki Kheer, a local delicacy of Mangar village. Made with corn (boiled and mashed), milk and garnished with pistachios, this kheer was nothing like anything I have had before. It wasn’t overtly sweet and I loved the slight hint of jaggery and the natural sweetness of corn.

Breakfast, the next morning, was equally exciting with Ragi Adai, Sabudana Thalipeeth Pancake, Organic Mangar Omelet and fresh juice. My favourite amongst the spread was Sabudana Thalipeeth pancake made with sago and potato. A traditional Maharashtrian dish, usually made during the fasting season, it had a crunchy outside layer with a gooey inside, comprising of a good mash of potato-sago and onions. Ragi Adai or popularly known as Finger Millet Adai, was served with spicy Tomato chutney. I relished these dishes to the core and never once missed the usual croissants – butter-jam from the breakfast buffet. Just like the place, the food felt like a wonderful amalgamation of the contemporary and the earthy.

After we finished eating the breakfast, we took a trip to The Village Jewel Museum, in a nearby village. Conceptualized by Sterre Sharma, the museum had art pieces, collected over 35 years from all across India. The rustic building that houses the museum, was reminiscent of my ancestral house, back in Punjab.

On my way back home, I thought of the Mathri and Chai session at the open-air Tapri and the lovely and informative chat, I had with Aswani Patel (Manager, The LaLit Mangar). His stories from his time at The Lalit, Srinagar, were so interesting and intriguing. Another definitive highlight was The Time Reversal Spa, where I had a relaxing session with Dr. Mosaraf Ali, who has treated the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Morgan Freeman, Shahrukh Khan and many other celebrities.

Waking up to the sounds of bird chirping, gazing at Venus or a sky full of stars or simply enjoying a simple cup of tea lying on a cot, surrounded by tranquil environs, The LaLit Mangar, is something, I can’t recommend enough, for anyone looking for a much-needed respite from the commotion of the capital, without straying far away from it.

In a nutshell:

Location: Camp Wild Road, Near Mangar Police Chowki, Gurgaon – Faridabad Road, Faridabad, Haryana – 121001

Atmosphere: Nestled in a village near the Aravallis, a spacious resort with magnificent rammed earth architecture, The Lalit Mangar is one of a kind luxury property. The spacious rooms exude luxury in the truest sense. There is only one Multi-cuisine Restaurant, coupled with bar, with pool table, as well. Live music at night.

Service: Efficient bunch of staff, with impeccable service standards.

Food: Food from all over the world, the menu has a good mix of cuisines with some local specialities. A little bit of organic and fresh from farm produce, the place offers food that’s healthy yet tasty.

Must HavesBhunja Maash, Buckwheat Risotto and Sabudana Thalipeeth



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