Homelike, flavoursome and affordable Sindhi food in Gurgaon After returning from my Mussoorie-Landour trip, I felt a bit of dullness around me. The weather didn’t help either and made me feel grouchier. I realised that the only thing that would cheer me up, is a good hearty meal. So, on a muggy afternoon and afterContinue reading


Introducing Farm-To-Table concept, Farmout is a relatively new eatery in Gurgaon. They have a diverse menu and a wide variety of choices in Sandwiches and more. With the sudden surge in the number of eateries in Delhi NCR, Delhiites seem to be moving beyond their regular fill of chhole bhature. There were times when aContinue reading

Casserole Colozione - Breakfast & Pizzeria by Pasta Bowl Company

After serving delicious range of pastas for years, The Pasta Bowl Company has recently opened Breakfast & Pizzeria by The Pasta Bowl Company. The only place in the country, where you can relish authentic Italian breakfast delicacies. I often hear people say candidly that Italians are the “Punjabis” of Europe. They love to drink, eatContinue reading

Outside - Jamie's Pizzeria

With an all new, fresh and rustic style of Pizzas, Jamie Oliver has come to town with Jamie’s Pizzeria. Walk in to have thin crust pizzas with finest of ingredients that are cooked in quintessential Jamie’s style – fresh and organic.  So, on 13 October 15, when I read that Jamie’s Pizzeria  will be openContinue reading

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani - Andhra Biryani House

Every time I meet a friend or any food blogger from some other part of the country, there’s always a debate that takes place. Whether Pani ke batashe are better or gol gapppe, Pav Bhaji from Bombay or Chole Bhature from Delhi? Mostly, Delhi fairs well in such debates. Though, when it comes to biryani,Continue reading


Sunday is synonymous with getting up late, gathering around the breakfast table, chatting, listening to each other and spending quality time with family and friends. It only gets better with a large spread of food and some beautiful surroundings. However, putting together that feast can be quite a task. So, in case you are feelingContinue reading