Hardy Bhai’s Ishtyle Breakfast - Odeon Social

Do you want to relive your favourite school memories with your best friends, over a tiffin? How often are we excited about getting up early on a Sunday morning? And if I were to tell you to go to a ‘school’ on a Sunday, you might want to punch me in the face. But ifContinue reading

Vietnamese Chicken - Pebble Street

As Connaught Place is going through renaissance, don’t get confused with your choices. Visit Pebble Street if you want to have some good food, innovative drinks and unadulterated fun with your buddies, while you watch a screening of your favourite sport. Lately, I have been kind of hibernating. Blame the weather. But, that can’t stopContinue reading


I get very happy to see so many new places coming up in Connaught place. Since I live close by, I was really frustrated when one of the most beautiful parts of the city was under renovation. It went on for so long that I had almost forgotten the charm it carried. But after theContinue reading


Yet another Bar and Lounge makes an entry into Connaught Place and seemingly, Delhiites can’t have enough of it. Located in the same block as Regal Theatre, Quote Bar is spread over 2 floors. Lots of quirky, cool and fun quotes adorning the walls of Quote Bar justify the name of the place. I wentContinue reading


I feel Delhiites can never have enough of Pizza. In every nook and cranny of Delhi, there is a Pizzaholic dreaming about the aromas of this foreign import, that has become our very own. And trust Indians (especially Delhites), to love food and also unabashedly give it their own touch. To us a Kadhai ChickenContinue reading


The restoration work of Connaught Place started a few years ago. Helplessly I witnessed the construction ruining the charm of the most iconic market of the city. But ever since it has been revamped, many in the hospitality industry have grabbed the opportunity to give CP a much-needed uplift. Ambrosia Bliss, 5 months old now,Continue reading