Chhole Bhatura - Des Raj Cholle Bhature

Who serves the best chole bhature/kulche in Sitaram Bazaar? The story about my brief meeting with Desraj Uncle. I was searching for Dhulichand’s Naresh Gupta’s Kulfi Shop, when I chanced upon Des Raj Uncle. He stood outside the kulfi shop, serving Chhole Bhature to a couple of men, who seemed to be his regular customers. WhileContinue reading

Vrat ka Khana

My tryst with Vrat Ka khana at Saroj Aunty’s house and my new found love for heeng. We were already in the car and half way through the journey, when my Mom told me that Saroj aunty (my mother’s best friend) would be serving ‘vrat ka khana’ today. That meant a dinner meal without onion,Continue reading


My Sunday breakfast ritual – Mom’s Aloo Parathas and more. How’s a Sunday morning without Aloo parantha? Well, it’s really sad, for starters! You would find me with in a rather grumpy mood, for not getting my regular fix of paranthas. For someone who has grown up in a Punjabi household, having Aloo Paranthas forContinue reading

Suman Aunty's Pav Bhaji

The goodness of homemade Pav bhaji and why it turns me into a greedy hungry kid. Many years ago, I met a Mumbaikar friend of mine, at Khatta Meetha in Sarojini Nagar and offered to eat Pav Bhaji there. At that point, I didn’t quite understand that any self-respecting Mumbaikar, would not really cherish havingContinue reading

Rajma Chawal

A story about my favourite memories of Rajma Chawal. Its true that Punjabis are known for their inimitable love for Butter Chicken, Chhole Bhature and Sarson Ka Saag, but I personally love Rajma Chawal (Kidney Beans and Rice). In fact, I actually never had a liking for Chhole Bhature. Call me crazy, I prefer havingContinue reading

Sarson Ka Saag with Makhan and Gurr

 As the winter season retreats, I thought of sharing my most cherished memories attached with Sarson ka saag, a winter favourite at my home. As I have mentioned in the past, my siblings and I were ‘the strange Punjabi kids’ who grew up on Mirchi Bada and Besan ke Gatte. We lived in Jodhpur, aContinue reading


Last night when the dinner was served, I was certain that I would’ve half the meal. With each passing minute and a half empty stomach, I waited for my Dad to arrive. He was on a one-day tour to Jaipur in Rajasthan. Which naturally meant, he had to carry back boxes of Pyaaz kachori andContinue reading