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Shahpur Jat

A list of Best Places to eat in Shahpur Jat.

My first ever visit to Shahpur Jat was as a little girl, who wanted to hang out with her elder sister and her friends. This was when Shahpur Jat was more rural and less designer. Few of the designer studios had just sprouted up, shoe garage was your go-to place for shoe shopping and there was no sign of any café or restaurant.

At that point, Hauz Khas Village was on the rise. People didn’t look beyond it, when it came to shopping or eating. Hanging around in HKV was considered cool then and the eateries possessed a character. They were meant to take you on a genuinely enjoyable gastronomical journey.

Unfortunately, with constant changes and rampant development, Hauz Khas Village has lost it’s charm (at least for me). Barring Hauz Khas Social, Yeti and The Toddy Shop, every other eatery in the area is easily avoidable.

However, Shahpur Jat, ‘the other village’ has managed to retain its charm. While new places open regularly, the older eateries are also doing fine.

The diversity of cuisine available in Shahpur Jat, makes it not only an appealing hangout, but an experience in itself.

Besides some of the best cafes in Delhi, in Shahpur Jat, you can also find lovely delicacies from Bihari and Bengali to Greek, Italian and French cuisines.

Here’s a list of my favourite places to visit in Shahpur Jat:

  • Mykonos

    Greek Yoghurt, Pitas, Souvlakis and Baklavas, if you ever want to experience a piece of Greece (in case you can’t travel to the beautiful island), visit Mykonos. The white and blue theme and the Greek music will instantly transport you to another world. Meet Anastasia, the lady who runs the taverna. Chatting with her is what makes the place a unique and wonderful experience.. The food and hospitality will make you feel that you are not eating at a restaurant but at someone’s home.

Cost for two: Rs. 1000
Address: 253, F1, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi – 110049

  • Big Bongg Theory

    Love Bengali food? This is the best you get in Delhi. Unpretentious, simple and authentic, the food is the king here. A tiny eatery with a big heart, Big Bongg Theory is Anumitras playground, the chef and the owner. Have her Kosha Mangsho, Luchi, Shukto, Paturi or Shorshe Fish and I bet, you will end up licking your fingers.

Cost for two: Rs. 1200
Address: 122, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • Les Parisiennes

    The ‘French Haveli in the village’, Les Parisiennes is your one stop shop for clothes, accessories, cutlery, home décor and of course, French food. The place has a quintessentially French feel and one can walk in here to have Clafoutis, Tart Tatins, Quiches, Crepes or Ratatouille Sandwiches. Visit the café, home to Lucy and Catherine (the owners) to enjoy lovely food, music and the nonchalant milieu.

Cost for two: Rs. 1000
Address: 5-B, Dada Jungi Lane, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

NOTE: It was one of my most favourite places in Delhi, which now unfortunately has closed it’s operations.

  • Ivy & Bean

    Radhika and Ravish’s Ivy & Bean is one café that you must visit, in case you want to spend some quality time eating, reading or just chilling with your friends. The al-fresco seating is an ideal place for you to grab a book from their collection and order a cup of coffee. Their Pastas, Burgers, Soups and Shakes are pretty good and so is their service.

Cost for two: Rs. 1200
Address: 119, Sishan house, Shahur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • The Potbelly Rooftop Café

    Colourful, pretty and distinctive, the food served here is rather home-like. Brainchild of two partners, Puja Sahu and Vivita Relan, the restuarant celebrates the flavours of Bihari One of the few places where you can relish rustic delicacies like Litti Chokha and Spicy Bihari gravies and they totally worth the hype. In case you like it spicy, give a shot to their Phis Phingers and Aloo Lalu Chop.

Cost for two: Rs. 1000
Address: 116-C, Fourth Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • The Mad Teapot/ The Wishing Chair

    The Mad teapot is a cute little café located at the end of The Whishing Chair Store. Besides being a café, they have a huge store of about everything that can make your home, kitchen or garden look pretty. You can order a salad or pasta if you plan to stay longer at the store and when in hurry go for a cup of herbal tea with muffins.

Cost for two: Rs. 1000
Address: 86/A, Ground Floor, Near UCO bank, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • Anandani Himalaya Tea

    As you enter the store, a sweet whiff of citrus and floral aromas welcomes you. A well-known name in the industry, Anamika Singh, the founder of this tea boutique, is an immensely talented and popular Tea Sommelier. She is your go-to person to learn and explore tea at every length. She conducts workshops and tasting sessions, wherein one can learn Food & Tea pairing or even Tea and Cheese Each flavour of tea is brewed carefully for a stipulated period of time and is paired with a suitable herb or a flower. Their tea is from the Manjhee Valley Tea Estate in Dharamsala, owned by her family. You can also buy various flavours of tea at the store.

Cost: Rs. 110 for a cup of tea
Address: 10-A, DDA flats, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • Café RED

    An acronym for Read, Eat and Drink, one can certainly indulge in all three at Café RED. The café has spacious atmospherics and a little al freco seating. Perfect for a winter afternoon, one can enjoy coffee, tea or a plate of bruschetta at this pocket friendly café.

Cost for two: Rs. 800
Address: 5-G, Dada Jungi House, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • Sugarama Patisserie

    Peanut butter jelly macarons or Chocolate with mint macarons, you can rely on Sugarama Patisserie to serve you the best. As one of the finest bakeries in town, the innovative desserts from Chef Rama’s kitchen, are a treat for those with a sweet tooth. The desserts win you over with a surprise element that excites your taste buds. Be it Nut so Red Velvet, Tiramisu with Kahlua shots or Pinnacolada cake with pineapple, coconut and passion fruit flavours, Chef Rama doesn’t shy away from playing with flavours. Their Triple Chocolate Mousse cake is also as popular as their macarons. So, don’t forget to visit them and get your sugar rush fixed.

Cost : Rs. 150 (for one pastry)
Address: 87, Shahpur Jat, Near UCO Bank, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • Anna Perenna Pizzas

    A take away and delivery service, Anna Perenna Pizzas are healthy and organic, made with unprocessed ingredients only. You can choose from Whole wheat or gluten free pizza bases, along with an assortment of gourmet toppings. Besides Pizzas, they also offer Sandwiches, Salads, Desserts and Refreshers. Vegetarians can go for an Olive, Feta, Onion and Sundried tomato Pizza, while for meat lovers, Smoked Barbequed Chicken is a good pick. Named after a Roman goddess, this was started by two partners, Smita and Anuradha.Their enthusiasm for the kind of food they are making, will make you try everything on the menu.

Cost for two: Rs. 800
Address: 24-A, DDA flats, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • Designer Wala Café

    The newest entrant in the market, Designer wala Café was started by two friends Abir Sharma and Rashid Malik. The pretty café is located in Dada Jungi Lane, amongst a cluster of boutiques and designer studios. They serve pastas, pizzas, rolls, soups and more. Indulge in their ISBT Makhni Maggi and believe me you will not find such Maggi preparation anywhere else. The interiors are minimalistic but very impressive. This café can be your den if you want to work, read or just daydream and chill.

Cost for two: Rs. 850
Address: 5-H, First Floor, Dada Jungi Lane, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

  • Café Scribblers

    Perched on the first floor of a commercial property in Shahpur Jat, Café Scribblers serves Burgers, Roulades, Steaks, Salads and even a plate of Mousaka. Have their Chicken burger with Wasabi Mayo and a cup of coffee and you’re good to go.

Cost for two: Rs 1000
Address: 326, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049

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