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Food is an art and it is utmost important for a chef to love what he/she cooks. I met Shoaib and Fatima at their workshop and ended up spending half a day with them, at their little wonderland called Scoops n Sticks. Just a few months old, they have created quite a buzz with their exotic ice cream flavours.

Ice-creams cones @Scoops and Sticks
Ice-creams cones @Scoops and Sticks

Introducing Artisan Ice cream to Delhiites, every ingredient of the ice cream is hand-picked, natural and well thought of. Fatima picks different combinations of flavours and experiments with the recipes herself. None of their ice creams carry eggs and you can feel the freshness of the products while you relish them. The texture of the ice creams is less creamy, just the way ideally an ice cream should be.

Made using only natural colours and ingredients, the ice creams looked fascinating and I couldn’t help but have almost each one of them.

I tried Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Beetroot Ice Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry, Orange marmalade, Lemon & Ginger Popsicle and Pomegranate Popsicle. The flavour of each ice cream was distinct and they tasted nothing like I’ve ever had.

Ice-creams @Scoops and Sticks
Ice-creams @Scoops and Sticks
Strawberry popsicle @ Scoops and Sticks
Strawberry popsicle @ Scoops and Sticks
Pomegranate popsicle @Scoops and Sticks
Pomegranate popsicle @Scoops and Sticks

I was delighted to know that they make their own caramel, marmalade and other such wonderful ingredients in their own workshop. Also, no artificial additions are made to the ice creams. Even the colour in the ice cream is created using real fruits. They infuse their ice creams with various interesting secret ingredients and one really has to try the ice creams, to fully experience the yumminess of the flavours.

Their best selling ice creams are Salted Caramel and Beetroot Ice cream. Although, they are yet to open an outlet, you can order a tub of ice cream or enjoy generous scoops at various pop ups they put up, from time to time.

After having so many flavors of ice creams, I came back home like a happy child. Such were the flavours, that I distinctly remember how each and every ice cream tasted. The unadulterated sheer happiness of meeting such simple and nice people is unparalleled and that’s what made the place and the experience even more charming.

Thanks to Shoiab and Fatima, for bringing such delightful artisan ice-creams to us. Their heartfelt efforts and dedication to producing unique flavours is quite remarkable and comes across through the wonderful ice creams that they serve in such loving manner.

Thanks Scoops n Sticks  for a sublime experience and we will definitely come for more.

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