Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu, homestyle Parsi dining room in Delhi

Rustom's Parsi bhonu
Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu

Away from all things shiny and loud, enter a simple, cozy and beautiful Rustom’s Parsi Bhonu for delicious homelike Parsi food. With a sudden surge of Bombay food in Delhi, Rustom’s stands out as a new entrant that serves authentic Parsi Food. They started off with only home delivery and recently the restaurant has come into being, and it is just as comfortable and homelike.

The grandfather clock, the cream-coloured walls, old family pictures, Lacey curtains, a crockery cupboard and the beautiful menu design, they have got all the nuances for a Parsi eatery just right. After speaking to Kainaz Contractor (the co-owner and a former food writer), I found out that they are sticking to her family recipes, so as to give their customers a feel of dining in a Parsi household.

Interiors @Rustom's Parsi Bhonu
Interiors @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu
Grandfather Clock @Rustom's Parsi Bhonu
Grandfather Clock @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu
Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu

The menu is big and offers the quintessential Parsi favourites like Salli Boti, Lagun na Custard, Kheema Pattice and yes it does include the famous Dhansak. Another highlight is that they serve Pallonji soda, which they get from all the way from Bombay. Without wasting much time I ordered for:

  • Kheema Pattice (Rs 295)
  • Mutton Dhansak (Rs 495)
  • Pallonji Soda (Raspberry+Lemon) (Rs 60)
  • Lagun na Custard

The delectable combination of minced mutton layered with potatoes, covered in egg and fried makes the Kheema Pattice heavenly. Served in a pair, this is similar to mutton cutlet, but a bit spicier and lot more tastier. This combination of meat and starch is more than just comfort food, it’s the dish you want to keep going back to.

Keema Pattice @Rustom's Parsi bhonu
Keema Pattice @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu

Although the Pallonji Soda was too sweet for my liking, but once I added lemon soda to the Raspberry drink, it turned out to be quite refreshing. However, in a Parsi restaurant, I would still prefer to savour a drink with real berries and soda.

Pallonji @Rustom's Parsi bhonu
Pallonji @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu

Honestly, it was the first time I had Dhansak, so for me there was no benchmark set for this dish. Although I had read extensively about it in many cookbooks, so I was aware of its preparation. This lentil-meat stew is served along with Caramelised Rice, Potato fries, Kachumber salad and Kheema Kebabs. At Rustom’s, the stew is prepared with three different lentils, vegetables and mutton and is a highly celebrated dish among Parsis. Caramalised Rice is of course, cooked in caramel made out of sugar, while the Kachumbar salad contains vinegar which gives this spicy sweet dish, a tangy flavour. This dish has all the flavours for which Parsis are known for. But for me, the Kheema Kebabs were the highlight of the dish. The meaty balls turn you into a child who’s always greedy for food.

Dhansak @Rustom's Parsi bhonu
Dhansak @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu
Caramelized Rice with Kheema Kebab @Rustom's PArsi Bhonu
Caramelised Rice with Kheema Kebab @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu

After hogging on the wonderful Parsi delicacies, we had no room left for any other dish. However, I would have felt too bad to leave out a dessert. Kainaz was gracious to serve us a mini portion of Lagun na Custard. This baked custard is flavoured with nutmeg, cardamom and lots of dry fruits. This is a traditional wedding custard and it clearly exhibits the confluence of British-European-Irani cookery in a Parsi Kitchen.

Lagun Na Custard @Rustom's - Parsi Bhonu
Lagun Na Custard @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu

The food at Rustom’s proves that simple homestyle food is all you need to make people fall in love with a cuisine that belongs to a relatively small yet culturally rich community. Even though, Gujarati and Goan food culture have a major influence over Parsi food, but for Delhites, it’s very easy to just fall in love with delectable meat and fried potatoes.

The bill came up to Rs 1185 inclusive of all taxes.

The lovely pictures adorning the walls (clicked by the famous filmmaker Sooni Taraporevala) and the retro music, create the perfect set up for food, conversations and laughter – all reflective of the lovely Parsi way of living.

Dinner Table @Rustom's Parsi Bhonu
Dinner Table @Rustom’s – Parsi Bhonu



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