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Interiors 7 Light Bulbs - Neuong Roi
Interiors 7 Light Bulbs – Neuong Roi

Experience a sea of flavours in authentic Thai food from the kitchen of expat Chef Yanjai Suthiwaja, who ensures to provide you the most unique Thai food from her homeland, right here in our city, Delhi.

Thai Cuisine, besides Red or Green Thai Curry, Lamb Massaman or it being the most celebrated street food, I knew only a few dishes from this cuisine. With my limited knowledge, I went to recently held food festival, Asian Hawkers Market and met Chef Yenjai Suthiwaja. The ever smiling expat chef had just returned from Thailand and insisted I try the Pork Sausages she had got from there. I had Sai Krog Moo and fell in love with the dish. The spicy sausages served with Som Tam Salad, Lime and Chilli sauce with Sticky Rice, after a bite I instantly wanted to buy a ticket to Thailand and explore the cuisine more.

That unfortunately wasn’t going to happen anytime soon but no one could stop me from visiting Neung Roi. I was also very excited to visit the restaurant because I wanted to meet Chef Yenjai again. Known for being the most loving and hardworking mentor to her team, I saw her at work and noticed, she ensures to serve the food she would like to eat, back home in Thailand. It took her nearly a year and a half to conceptualize the menu. It was a revelation to me that the menu had dishes from four different regions of Thailand, Isaan (spicy flavours), Lanna (hot and salty), South (fresh seafood) and Central Plains (subtle flavours). Being more touristy, the dishes from Central Plains region are obviously more popular. After interacting with the chef I came to know, she and Chef Sreenivasan travelled extensively in Thailand, to create their own recipes for every dish, so as to give us classic authentic Thai dishes with a modern approach, right here in Delhi.

As soon as my friend and I reached the restaurant, the courteous staff greeted us and led us to our table. Unlike most Thai restaurants, which are embellished with colours and deity statues, the simple and soothing colours of Neung Roi felt like a welcome change. The restaurant looked sophisticated and posh at the same time. The comfortable and spacious seating was relaxing and I couldn’t wait to enjoy the flavoursome Thai dishes.

Without having to wait for long, our appetizers arrived on our table.

Gai Yang, a dish prepared with grilled chicken with coriander roots and roasted chilli sauce had juicy pieces of chicken. They were coated and grilled till the skin of chicken became crunchy. Dressed in chilli sauce and tossed in a pan with garlic and onion, the chicken had a fresh flavour of coriander. It was just the right beginning to our meal.

As we were relishing the after taste, it was taken a step higher with Goong Pan (Takrai Prawn and lemongrass skewer with chilli lime sauce & tomato dip). The bestselling appetizer, the minced prawns on aromatic lemongrass skewers were grilled till they were slightly caramelized. Served with fresh tomato salad and chilli lime sauce, the chilli, sweet, meaty and zesty flavour of this dish had the quintessential Thai flavours, that we’re all familiar with.

However, Porpia Pak, vegetable and glass noodle spring rolls with spicy plum sauce was a bit let down. The filling seemed bland and only the flavour of the sauce lingered in my mouth.

But this little disappointment went away, as soon as the Yam Som-O salad was served, as it was nothing short of extraordinary. Known for bold, big flavours and simple cooking, this salad symbolizes Thai cuisine at its best. Fresh, crunchy, punchy and packed with flavours, it was a great blend of raw and cooked food put together, a classic style of cooking from Southern Thailand. The mix of freshly cut Pomelo fruit (a citrus fruit from the family of grapefruit) and shallow fried crispy onion, garlic & palm sugar tamarind dressing was blissful.

Savouring the flavours, I took a short breather before we were served Tom Yum Goong soup, a light broth with subtle flavour of shrimp. The spicy-sour soup with perfectly cooked prawn, contained strong flavours of lemongrass, kaffirlime and galangal. One of the most famous soups in Thai cuisine, this didn’t only satiate my taste buds, but increased my appetite.

And I couldn’t be happier, as it was followed by Gai Phad Krapow. Luscious chilly, dark soy sauce with succulent minced chicken, long beans and hot basil, this dish was like a sea of flavours. Even though the chicken was minced, it was moist and tender. The complex flavours were complimented by sticky rice, another Thai specialty.

However, if ever you’re looking for something fresh, subtle and comforting, you must try Pla Neung Manao. This generous piece of boneless steamed fish, served with lime chilli sauce can be your everyday meal. At least, I can have it everyday. That’s how I felt after having a bite of this dish. A bass of fish (fresh water trout or a snapper) was steamed with lime chilli and galangal, which made it a simple and healthy yet delicious treat.

Then, came Ped Makam, a perfect Thai dish with a perfect balance of complexed sweet, sour, salty, bitter and hot flavours. Perfectly grilled duck breast with pineapple, tamarind sauce garnished with crispy shallot, the strong flavour of tamarind, soy, lime, nam plah and chilli made it nothing less than sensational! I couldn’t have asked for a more delicious main course than Ped Makam. This was just absolutely lip smacking.

After a brief break, the desserts arrived. Already full up to the brim, I was relieved to find that the portions were small. The beautiful dumpling like dessert, Kanom Tom, was stuffed with Jaggery, glutinous rice and coconut in a pandanus leaf. The warm filling had a flavour similar to that of Payasam, a famous dessert from Southern India.

However, the one that stole my heart was Tub Tim Krob. Water chestnut (Singhara) coated in strawberry jelly for hours and served in coconut jasmine syrup. The coconut milk had a tinge of salt, natural sugar, jasmine aroma and fruitiness of water chestnut. It’s one of the highlights of Neung Roi and a definite must have.

Chef Yenjai also prepared a special dessert made from Pumpkin, which was a revelation. Although, it had a similar taste and texture of that of a Baked Cheesecake, I had never had anything like that before.

With this, a 3 and a half-hour long food fiesta came to an end. I felt, like I was floating in a sea of flavours.

Neung Roi is a place where the unique flavours of Thai Cuisine are celebrated in the most earnest and authentic set up. The restaurant took me on a gastronomical trip from length and breadth of Thailand and gave me a beautiful picture of the happiest way of eating: the Thai way of eating.

Neung Roi
Radisson Blu Plaza, Block R,
Mahipalpur Village, Mahipalpur,
New Delhi, Delhi 110037

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