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Delhi, known to be the food capital of India, has always served as a melting pot for myriad cuisines from around the world. However, off late, Delhi food scene had become a bit monotonous, with endless number of eateries serving the same old Indian, Italian, Mediterranean or American food.

Fortunately, in the last couple of years, a batch of young innovative restaurateurs brought in fresh new concepts, with the local food of India at heart. It’s no surprise that Delhi has seen a sudden upsurge of eateries serving regional cuisines from various parts of India and I’m nothing but ecstatic about it.

Keeping in line with the trend, Mahabelly, a new regional restaurant serving the inimitable Kerala cuisine, has opened up in an unusual yet most accessible locale – the DLF Place Mall, Saket.


This cuisine from South India is unmistakably, the most celebrated amongst meat lovers and the menu at Mahabelly, is exciting enough to lure you towards the deliciousness at offer.

At Mahabelly, one can experience the delectable assortment of flavours ranging from Malabar Moplah, Syrian Christian to traditional Nair cuisines and of course, the zesty favourites from the Toddy shops of Kerala.

The food is true to its core, as it is prepared with a lot of care and consultation with the chefs specially brought in from south. We were welcomed with a cup of Parippu, a soup comprising of lentils cooked with vegetables. This was accompanied by bowls of Banana Chips, another quintessential symbol of southern cuisine.

Banana Chips
Banana Chips

Among the main course, I loved the mix of Kappa (mashed potato with tapioca) and Fish Curry. Mutton Curry, Ghee Rice, Appam and Parotta served with Pineapple Curd and Cabbage Thoran, were equally indulging.

For desserts, we were served Madhu ka Sathanam, thin crepes rolled and filled with coconut and cardamom powder and topped with banana jam. Interestingly it was served with scoops of vanilla ice cream. This was simple, yet, fresh and mouth-watering. They plan to serve Puttu as well, which is definitely good news for anyone looking to savour the most traditional of delicacies from Kerala.

The interiors are traditional and the music usually classical, however a song by Avial might come just up arbitrarily and make you remember, all the crazy things you’ve seen your Malayali friends do.

Mahabelly intends to give us the diverse taste of simple Kerala home-style food, and undoubtedly some massive potbellies, as we intend to gorge gluttonously on the lip-smacking food out here again and again!

Through the richness of their food and flavours and their generous hospitality at Mahabelly, Jacob and Thomas, have managed to share a piece of their blessed home with us. My heartiest congratulations to them and the entire Mahabelly family.


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