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Butter Chicken (boneless) Punjabi Mutton Curry Nafeesi Biryani Chicken Daal Makhni Assorted Kebabs – Mutton Seekh, Afghani Chicken Tikka, Tangri Chicken, Tandoori Surmai Fish Lachcha Parantha Tandoori Naan Aloo naan – Amritsari Naan
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Lip smacking food from Kabul to Kolkata, Leaping Caravan celebrates heritage food from the Grand Trunk Road.

A bag full of enticing aroma arrived at my home, this Monday. I usually stay away from Home Delivery services, as I enjoy going out and meeting people. However, I quite liked the concept of Leaping Caravan. Also, I thought my Mom could use a much-deserved break from the kitchen.

Leaping Caravan celebrates the heritage Indian food from Grand Trunk Road and hand-me-down recipes from various families who have lived along this stretch of India. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of rich Indian flavours, traditions and various cooking techniques. An assortment of flavours from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India to Bengal, Leaping Caravan is a delivery system that promises to bring back the old forgotten recipes from the past.

Honestly, these days I enjoy eating food with Indian flavours more than ever. Just the aroma of Daal or biryani can make me smile ear to ear. I could barely contain my excitement for opening the boxes and indulging in the wonderful treats on offer:

Butter Chicken (boneless), Punjabi Mutton Curry, Nafeesi Biryani Chicken, Daal Makhni, Assorted Kebabs – Mutton Seekh, Afghani Chicken Tikka, Tangri Chicken, Tandoori Surmai Fish, Lachcha Parantha, Tandoori Naan, Aloo naan – Amritsari Naan

One of the disadvantages of being a food blogger is that we have to photograph food before we eat. That for me, is the ultimate test of patience, when I can smell the seductive aroma, but I have to wait for Gurjas to finish taking the shots.

Well, I lost my battle on this occasion.

While the curries were being shot, I shamelessly started eating the Kebabs. I was bowled over by Tangri and Afghani Chicken and I couldn’t have enough of Tandoori Surmai Fish. The fish felt fresh and the subtle flavours did not overpower the flavour of the fish. The Mutton Seekh was, however, passable and not to my liking.

Now it was time for main course.

Every dish had a distinct aroma and I couldn’t wait to dig into Punjabi Mutton Curry. The curry had the perfect balance of spices to meat. I loved the fine mix of perfectly cooked onions and tomatoes, that blended really well with the chilies and Khada Masala. The mutton pieces were succulent and its flavour shined through the curry. It was beautifully paired with Tandoori Naan.

Its pretty obvious that my next pick was going to be Butter Chicken. The thick sweet-sour gravy tasted as delectable as it looked. Although, usually Chicken on bones taste much better, but this tasted just as good. The gravy was thick, sweet, sour and creamy, just like how butter chicken should be. It tasted heavenly, paired with a Lachcha Parantha.

Daal Makhni looked rich and the taste ably reflected that a lot of time had been invested in attaining the right texture and flavour of the daal. It’s a known fact that lentils like Urad and Rajma are cooked for hours in spices and a lot of cream is added to the mix to render the Makhni Flavour. This highly celebrated dish from North India went well with the Aloo Naan, a combination that’s hugely popular in Amritsar.

And no such meal is complete if you don’t finish it with Biryani. Although, personally no other biryani gives me as much happiness as Andhra Biryani, but I quite enjoyed having Nafeesi Chicken Biryani as well. Thick strands of rice were covered in masala and caramalised onions and served with Raita seasoned with pepper, jeera powder and salt. The portion was generous and could suffice as a meal in itself.

Even though Leaping Caravan’s kitchen is located in Gurgaon and Saket, the food was delivered remarkably hot to my place in Central Delhi. The packaging was neat and the portions were good enough for 4 people.

There are many restaurants in and around Delhi, that serve Pan-Indian delicacies, but it’s heartening to see a delivery service putting in so much thought and effort into creating a menu like this. It’s an arduous task to reach out to various cooks and dig out such exquisite recipes. But, Leaping Caravan is making sure that such inimitable food reaches as many people as possible.

So if you want to enjoy Pastuni Chapli Kebab or Chicken Malai Tikka from the comfort of your home, you know whom to call.

In a nutshell: 

Service: Home Delivery service – The food was neatly packed and labelled. It was remarkably hot at the time of delivery.

Food: If you love the rich Indian flavours and if you want to explore Indian food beyond Daal Makhni – Shahi Paneer, call them up.

Must Haves: Tangri Chicken Tikka, Punjabi Mutton Curry, Aloo Naan, Chicken Malai Tikka 

Megha Tuli (Founder/CEO)
Home Delivery – 9015141688 or Oder Online
Snacks Available Between  3-7 PM

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