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With fresh, simple and vibrant Italian Food, La Brezza offers much more than just Pizzas & Pastas. Enjoy a Sicilian Seafood Platter or a classic Milanzane Parmigiana and treat yourself with some of the most celebrated Italian delicacies, right here in Delhi NCR.

With endless eateries serving Italian food, mushrooming in every nook and cranny of the city, my love for the cuisine had sort of withered away. Most such places were churning out sub-standard versions of Italian food like ‘mixed sauce’ pasta, to make moolah.

Also, after relishing a hearty Italian feast, cooked specially by my friend Andrea, an Italian, I felt I’d been spoilt for good. Since then, only the Italian fare at The Pasta Bowl Company in Gurugram, made me happy. However, that changed, when recently, I visited the beautiful, majestic and plush La Brezza at Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort in Greater Noida.

We kicked off with some of my favourite breads: Grissini, Focaccia, Sundried and Pesto, served along with Chilli and Pesto Dip. While I always love Focaccia, it was the pesto bread here, that won me over. Perhaps, it was the freshness of pesto that did the trick, as unlike other restaurants, where they use food processor, this one was handmade, in a pestle – just like how it should be!

Then came Salumi – Sliced Italian cured meats with fresh Melon and Parmesan. Prosciutto-Pancetta, the cold salted meat was thoroughly enjoyable, along with a Watermelon-Banana Mocktail.

Next up arrived, Insalata La BrezzaArugula Salad, the prettiest salad I had ever seen. Oozing with the freshness of Watermelon, Tomato, Basil, Rocket (Arugula), Avocado, Melon and Hearts of Palm, the little sprinkle of Australian Lava Salt made the salad a treat for my taste buds.

The joy from the salad was still filling me up, when Tortellini in Brodo was served. The warm, fresh and light Tomato-Carrot Broth, with tiny tortellini filled with chicken and pine nuts, felt like the perfect dish for a winter night. Something served as a quintessential appetizer, that follows a fried-cheesy dish.

And that’s exactly what came our way next, in form of Arancine and Zucchini Fritti. Arancine, the fried ball of deliciousness made with Rice and Fontina cheese, was served with a dip made using Tomato, Bell pepper, Parmesan cheese and Sundried Tomatoes. And the crunchy Zucchini Fritti was served with Pesto Mayo. Together, the Arancine and Zucchini Fritti were a great blend of crispy and gooey. I couldn’t resist licking every bit of food on my plate.

Thank god for the light and easy on palate Carpaccio Di Tonno that followed, as it helped me wash down all the oil from the last dish. I was pleased to see the fine quality of thinly sliced tuna, which was well paired with lemon miso splash and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

No kidding! I really felt, I was in gourmet heaven!

I felt glad, not indulging in the usual cheese laden pastas and uninspiring fat garlic bread. Also, so far, there was no sign of Pizzas and Bruschetta either. And despite eating so much already, to my surprise, I still had appetite for more.

So, our indulgence continued with Gamberetti Picante and Spiedini di PolloPan-Seared Prawns and Grilled Chicken Breasts, respectively. The flavour of rosemary and chilies shone in the cuts of the perfectly grilled juicy chicken breasts. I enjoyed it more than the Prawns, which were served along with sauce made with sundried tomatoes and white wine reduction.

The aroma of fresh tomatoes caught my attention, as Gnocchi Di Patate e Semolina was served. Made with Potato and Semolina, I had never had Gnocchi as silky, soft and smooth as this one. When asked, Chef Shivnandan, told me that they use San Maranzo Tomatoes, which render the sauce such striking flavour. Above all, the simple flavour combination of Basil and Tomato was most comforting.

Misto Di Pesce alla Griglia, our next dish, could be a seafood lover’s dream. The beautiful plate of seafood, had Prawns, Grilled Sea Bass, Salmon, Capers topped with sauce (Tomato, Bellpepper, Sundried Tomatoes, Parmesan cheese) Scallops and Orange Candy. While I loved the Grilled Seabass and a touch of Orange candy, the scallops felt slightly under cooked. However, I loved the capers, prawns and the overall freshness of this typical Sicilian dish. It embodied ‘sea on a platter’ and represented everything that Italian cuisine is known for.

Upon our request, Chef Shivanandan had also served Melanzane alla Parmigiana. I was delighted to eat Melanzane alla Parmigiana, which had layers of grilled Aubergine/Eggplant, Tomato sauce, Buffalo mozzarella and Parmesan cheese perfectly grilled on top.

The last main of the lavish dinner was Ossobuco, a quintessential Milanese delicacy. Cooked otherwise with Veal Shanks, this one, however, had Lamb Shanks. And since it was a modern version of the dish, it was served with polenta and not the traditional risotto. I really enjoyed the tender lamb shanks and silky herbed polenta. This one pot meal was delicious and I liked the cleverness of this modern version. It retained the essence of the original and yet its own ground.

Now, it was dessert time and no Italian meal could be complete without Tiramisu, Panacotta, Dolci al Cioccolatato. I loved the booziness of Tiramisu, Orange zest in Pannacotta and delicious Hazelnut whipped cream in Dark Chocolate Cake. This dessert platter could make anyone beam with joy.

I felt content and well fed.

Not only the food was delicious, each dish had a distinct flavour, texture and identity of its own. One of the many reasons why the food shone was the fresh produce. The herbs, used in the food were procured from the herb garden at the resort. As for visual appeal, the modern plating not only looked pretty but also accentuated the beauty of the elements comprising the food.

Keeping my apprehension aside, my visit to La Brezza rekindled my love affair with Italian food. A welcome break from the run-of-the-mill Pizzas and Pastas, it was a heavenly meal, at the most elegant set up – one of my most memorable ones in recent times.

NOTE: I was invited to review the new menu at La Brezza. However, all views and thoughts are my own.

In a nutshell:

Location: Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, G-Block, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Atmosphere: Exquisite set up, this fine dine restaurant plays music from the movies such as The Godfather and boasts of clients such as Sebastian Vettel, Mark Schumacher (Formula 1 starlets). Wide-open space and luxurious set up, perfect for a romantic dinner night.

Service: Friendly, Courteous and Efficient staff, with impeccable service standards.

Food: Hearty Italian dishes celebrating the simple flavours, fresh ingredients and fuss free cooking techniques. Enjoy Sicilian and Milanese Flavours and classics such as Ossobuco, Tiramisu and Melanzane alla Parmigiana.

Must HavesInsalata La Brezza, Misto Di Pesce alla Griglia, Arancine and Zucchini Fritti.



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