Dried Apricot & Plum Jam

Dried Apricot & Plum Jam
Dried Apricot & Plum Jam

Say no to Packaged Jams and treat yourself with the goodness of fresh homemade Jams.

I am currently crushing over homemade jams. I feel they’re delicious and everyone must know how to make them. It’s a simple process and it doesn’t take long to cook. And I believe there’s no greater happiness than eating homemade goodies.

To be honest, I was never a fan of Jams. In fact I ‘hated’ the overtly sweet and jelly like texture of packaged jams, usually available in the market. This was, however, until I travelled to Leh and Himachal. There I discovered that people hardly ever bought jams from the market. I remember Tenzing (our homestay host at Gangba in Leh) plucking apricots straight from the trees in his garden and making jam for the breakfast. I absolutely loved gorging on that homemade and preservative-free jam. It was sweet, tasted more of the fruit and didn’t have a synthetic jelly like texture, even though it was thick.

Since then, I have had Plum jam, Apple & Pear Jam, Sea Buckthorn Jam and more such goodness from different hill stations.

So, one fine day, while I was checking the inventory for my baking ingredients, I found a packet of dried Apricots. That got me thinking and I decided to make Jam out of it. I also decided to use fresh plums and my beautiful Orange Blossom Water, which I had used earlier for Orange Blossom Cake as well.

After the Mango-Ginger-Thyme Jam, I felt surer about the technique and process. Hence, I felt confident about pairing different flavours and fruits.

Needless to say, the jam turned out delicious and I couldn’t be happier. My sister who was travelling back to Dharamsala carried the jam along with her. I was thrilled to know that even her colleagues from the mountains loved my version of the jam and asked her to get more.

And, THAT was some sweet sweet success for me!

Try the recipe and gift your friends and family, the purity and deliciousness of Homemade Jams. 

Dried Apricot (soaked and deseeded) 500 Grams
Sugar 375 Grams
Plums (sliced) 5-6 small
Orange Blossom Water 1 TBSP (Tablespoon)
Lime Juice ½ Lime


  • Soak the dried Apricots in water for minimum 7-8 hours.
  • Mix Sugar and Apricots together and rest it in refrigerator, overnight.
  • Over low heat, start the cooking process. Add freshly sliced plums into the mix. Make sure you use a large bowl for cooking. The larger the bowl, the faster the jam will get cooked.
  • Once the wrinkles appear and sugar is mixed thoroughly with the fruit, your jam is ready.
  • Take it off the heat, add Orange Blossom Water and lime juice.
  • Store it in a sterilized jar and refrigerate it only after it reaches room temperature.



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