Small Bites | Pocket friendly eateries in Connaught Place

The first coolest hangout and the star of the Lutyens Delhi, Connaught Place is a major eating (and shopping) hub for Delhittes. This is the legendary market which gave us our first fine-dine North Indian restaurant Embassy, our cool Tex Mex hangout in Rodeos and, not to forget, the one and only Wengers. Which Delhiite won’t have a story to share about a birthday cake from Wengers? Not many, I would say!

Years have gone by and Connaught Place has recently had a makeover. With legendary restaurants (United Coffee House, Embassy and Nizams) holding their own ground, there has always been a space for new eateries.

However, there are days, when there is more month left than the money in your wallet and it’s impossible to dine at the high-end restaurants and pay those hefty tax-loaded bills. Well, you need not worry, as there are still plenty of budget options in your favourite Connaught Place. These places are small, warm and easy on your pocket. They may or may not offer seating but their food is worth waiting or standing for.

  •  Wengers Deli

This little eatery with an open kitchen has managed to shine bright in the crowded A Block of Connaught Place. With a menu that has a variety of Pastas, Burgers, Panini, Soups, Salads, Smoothies, Finger food and Desserts, this deli has a lot on offer. Their Thai Wonton soup, Pesto Chicken Panini and Mutton Shami Burger and Penne Arabbiata are delicious and comforting. One can easily have a proper meal here with under Rs. 150. The Thai Wonton Soup is literally the soul satisfying soup for me. One bowl of this soup can put all the issues aside and lets you have the warm fuzzy feeling you deserve.

Dine-in – Available
Address: A -18, Radial Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Contact: 011 23328589

  • Chonas Express

Chicken Dumplings - Chona's Express
Chicken Dumplings – Chona’s Express

Only a few months old, Chonas Express is already everyone’s favourite. They have travelled to Connaught Place after running operations for years at good old Chonas at Khan Market. Their menu consists of Chinese and North Indian dishes. Their dim sum are prepared with rice paper rolls and they have good number of variants available. Have their Khao Suey, Honey Chilli Potato or Noodles and treat yourself with yummy flavours. They also serve drinks like Kala Khatta, Aam Panna etc. So walk in and sit have a quick bite or a proper meal, they’ve got it all.

Dine in – Available
Address: B 12/1, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Contact: 011 43541038

  • The Rolling Joint

Tucked in the middle circle lane at the back of M Block in Conaught Place, The Rolling Joint looks every bit of a cool driveway outlet for food. The yellow color and the bus structure pops out and catches your attention immediately. The outlet serves Pita Rolls, Parantha Rolls, Roomali Rolls, Cigar Rolls, Kebabs and many favourites like Keema and Vada Pav etc. I love their Pita Pockets that are made with hummus, pickles, chicken and veggies served with more hummus. Their Chettinad Parantha roll is worth a million bucks and Chicken Tikka is also a must have. They serve Nimbu Pani in cola and mint, Cold Coffee and other aerated beverages. Though, they don’t have a proper dining area, but they do offer some portable chairs and tables to their patrons. Nishant Agarwal, the owner has managed to make this work with his determination and innovativeness.

Dine- In – Not available
Address: M-61/1, Middle Lane, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Contact: +91 8010765765

  • Halka Fulka

This is your go-to place for after party hunger pangs. Located right outside Route 04, in C-Block Middle Circle, Halka Fulka serves economical yet delicious rolls. This kiosk with an auto façade has a variety of rolls, namely Egg, Paneer, Soya, Chicken and Mutton rolls. The rolls are made with Mughlai Paranthas (just like Kolkata Rolls) and the sauces used are mint, tomato ketchup and even southwest or mayonnaise. Sometimes they even mix all the sauces. Pure indulgence, these rolls are available between Rs. 40- 120 and they are a meal in themselves. Arjun and Sandeep, the brothers who run this place are polite and make sure everyone gets a roll on time, even when there are a huge number of people queued up.

Dine- in – Not Available
Address: C-30 Inner circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Contact: +91 9899281555

  • Bhel Puri near BIG Odeon

Generations of the same family have stories to talk about their first bite of Bhel Puri near BIG Odeon. I have a memory of eating a sumptuous plate of bhel puri here, which cost me a mere 10 bucks. Now, it’s available for Rs. 50 per plate. A man of few words Kamal Kishor, stands next to the Pan shops and sells the spicy, tangy and sweet Bhel Puri to dozens of people everyday! In all these years, the only thing I have managed to figure out about him is that he has managed to send his son to an engineering school. Clearly, a story about “work is worship”.

Dine- in – Not Available
Address: D Block, Near Odeon Cinema, Connaught Place, New Delhi

  • Embassy Snack shop

Embassy Snack Corner, the legendary counter by the Embassy restaurant, that serves Paneer Pakoda, Samosas, Sandwiches, Sweet Corn, Momos, Patties, Burgers and Tea/Coffee throughout the day. Their samosas are huge in size and they have filling of Aloo, Paneer and Matar. Though the star on the menu for me is their sandwich. The onion and mint mayo filling in the sandwich always tastes fresh and delicious. The mix of soft and crunchy texture is worth every penny. And the icing on the cake is that there is no item on the menu , which is priced more than Rs 60. So eat as much as you like.

Dine-In – Not Available
Address: D-11, Inner Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

  • Depaul’s

Your trip to Janpath isn’t complete if you miss out on visiting this little counter serving a large variety of cold coffee and sandwiches. Reasonably priced, the sandwiches are available with different fillings like chicken, paneer, coleslaw, potatoes or a classic tomato and cheese. Also available in Wheat bread, one also has the option to get their sandwiches grilled. The coffee has the perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavour. Another popular item on the menu is Cheese ball, a roll filled with cottage cheese and covered in a crunchy coating, which is deep fried. I have had such great sandwiches here that it’s hard to pick between a simple veg sandwich or an achari paneer tikka sandwich.

Dine-In – Not Available
Address: 22, Janpath Bhawan, New Delhi 110001




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