Food Trip to Amritsar (Part-1)

Gurudwara Haraminder Sahib
Gurudwara Haraminder Sahib

Sometimes in life a journey can not just change the way you think, but also the way you ever were.

I have just come back from The Holy City, Amritsar. The most chaotic, unorganized and confusing roads of the city, lead to one of the most peaceful place on earth, The Golden Temple.

As a true blue Delhiite, I took immense pride in the Delhi food culture. Now that I am back from my Food Trail in Amritsar and I must admit that Amritsar is the city to enjoy Indian Cuisine like no other city.

At Amritsar, people live to eat. For the longest time, eating out (mostly dinner) has been a ritual for Amritsaris. Many things in the city have changed but not the food culture. The lanes of the city are filled with an aroma rising from a unique blend of spices.

A group of four people, we left Delhi on the midnight of 16 August 2014. The road journey at night was a very exciting and a spectacular one. The roads lit up with tungsten lights, the calmness of the surrounding fields, the cool breeze kissing your face and the Sun coming up slowly, subtly hinted that I’ve awakened to a journey to remember. We reached Amritsar at 8 AM. The lush green fields and the empty roads is a sight that you won’t get to see later in the day.

After checking into the hotel, we couldn’t help but fall sleep. However, hunger always overpowers sleep. So, we got dressed in a jiffy and hit the road. The roads had become crowded, chaotic and loud. But somehow we managed to reach our first destination, Bharawaan Da Dhabha, near Townhall, Old Amritsar.



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