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Tupperware boxes
Tupperware boxes

As much as it’s important to make delicious food, it’s also pivotal that we don’t waste it. For avoiding wastage of food, one certainly needs to be equipped with reliable storage solutions, both at home and at my workplace.

Home: My mother, although a working woman, is an equally enthusiastic cook and quite dedicated to household chores. Fearing that food might not suffice everyone once she’s out, sometimes she tends to cook aplenty. This often leads to leftovers, which need to be stored well, often for a couple of days. If food is not stored well, especially during hot weather, it can go stale within no time. So, the need for good storage utensils becomes paramount.

Workplace: Even when I would spend endless hours working in a Hotel kitchen, a large part of my job would be to make sure that food wastage could be avoided. As production takes place in bulk, we would count the products everyday, put them in food pans and label them with the date of production and expiry. This inevitably requires dependable storage utensils.

This is where I have found Tupperware to be always a trustworthy brand, with the best products in the market for food storage. It’s a favorite with my family and even my extended one. Tupperware has a vast range of all-purpose food containers like Aqua Safe, Dry Storage, Freezer, lunch boxes and refrigerator range. The food or any kind of liquid stored in these containers stays fresh for longer periods as compared to any other product.

Besides storing food well, here are some other steps that can come in handy:

  • Plan your meals in advance and make sure you prepare the adequate amount.
  • Shop for food products after checking what is already there in the stock.
  • Store food well in airtight jars.
  • Recycle your leftover food or give it to someone who needs it more than you.
  • Labeling is another method to avoid wastage and this also will help in knowing the freshness of the food.

Food is a blessing and those who get a stomach-full, should consider themselves very fortunate. We must respect it as much as we relish it. Lets Care4Food.

How to Store food products
How to Store food products

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