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Your guide to best Non-Alcoholic beverages in town. A curated list for the best Smoothies, Shakes and Juices in Delhi NCR.

Food bloggers are often expected to love all kinds of food any given time of the day. However, I must confess that although I’m a foodie, but this humid weather really kills my appetite. So I mostly find myself indulging in liquid delights like smoothies, shakes and juices. Not only they are cool, but they are refreshing, filling and in some cases, healthy and energizing, as well.

So I thought, I’d compile a list of my favourite places in the town for Smoothies, Shakes and Juices.

  • Big Chill Café

A well-known place for desserts and more, ice creams and cakes at Big Chill café are simply delicious. However, they are great with shakes too. Their Belgian Chocolate, Mocha, Banana and Strawberry, Tiramisu and Oreo shake are just heavenly. The right amount of thickness, high quality ice creams (in house), heavy milk and no usage of synthetic flavours, makes these shakes worth every penny. At Big Chill café, a glass of Shake can be a meal in itself, such is the flavour and quality.

Address: 68 A, Khan Market, New Delhi
Contact: 011-41757588
Cost: Rs 250-300

  • Johnny Rockets

    Strawberry Shake - Johnny Rockets
    Strawberry Shake – Johnny Rockets

One of the happiest places to eat at, Johnny Rockets must be visited to experience the sheer magic of their shakes. They serve their shakes thick, with strong flavours further enhanced by dollops of ice cream. They serve large portions and if there’s some left in the jar they make the shakes in, they simply leave it on the table for you to finish. Very popular amongst kids, their chocolate and strawberry-banana shake are a must try.

Address: 2nd Floor, Select City Walk, Saket, New Delhi
Cost: Rs 250

  • Wenger’s Deli

    Blueberry Smoothie - Wenger's Deli
    Blueberry Smoothie – Wenger’s Deli

Located right next to a hugely popular shake destination Shake Square (earlier known as Keventer’s and now serving terrible shakes), Wenger’s Deli certainly holds its ground pretty well. This little eatery with an open kitchen, prepares your smoothies fresh, right in front of you. Although there are loads of options in smoothies like Blueberry, Strawberry, Oats and Fresh berries, but Chocolate Silken is my personal favourite. They use low fat yoghurt and fresh fruits for their smoothies and avoid any kind of synthetic flavours.

Address: A-18, Radial Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Contact: 011-23328589
Cost: Rs 110

Blueberry Smoothie @smoothie factory
Blueberry Smoothie – Smoothie factory

Going by the name, one can imagine the variety this place has on offer. They have three kinds of smoothies ranging from regular, specialty (fruit based) and premium smoothies (with super food), catering to the needs of foodies, health conscious or body builders alike. They also have classic shakes and shakes with nutritious boost, fresh juices or combination of fresh juices. You can get your smoothies, juices customized and can specify the quantity of each ingredient. The menu mentions calories of each ingredient. If you take your smoothies very seriously, this is your go-to place.

Contact: +91 9999688305, +91 9999688306
Address: Cottage Emporium, Janpath, New Delhi
Cost: Rs 100-200

  • Smoke house Deli

They have a special menu for kids, which has popular flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Kitkat. There’s nothing that makes kids happier than rich and thick ice cream shakes. However, if you want to boost your own energy levels, go for fresh juices like Melon and Basil, Watermelon and Basil or Carrot and Pineapple. You can specify if you don’t need any added sugar. Their Stress Buster, Concentration and Soul smoothies, made with fresh fruits and yoghurt, are revitalizing and perfect for hot weather.

Contact: 011 43562820
Address: 1st Floor, 17, Khan Market, New Delhi
Cost: Rs 250-300

  • Keventers

    Kesar Pista Milk - Keventer's
    Kesar Pista Milk – Keventer’s

This legendary milkshake company has been serving delicious milkshakes since 1925. With a wide range of classic shakes like butterscotch, strawberry and Kesar Pista to Gelato and thick shakes in Caramello Almond Brownie and Mint Oreo Crumble flavours, you are really spoilt for choice. Having gone through a whole lot of confusion with it’s identity, Keventers has recently gone through a makeover and has only 2 outlets in Delhi (Saket & Vasant Kunj). So ditch the confusion now and go grab a Keventer’s bottle of your own. It’s truly a bottle of creamy surprise that will rekindle your taste buds.

Contact: 011 40823300
Address: High Street, Ground Floor, Select Citywalk, Saket. New Delhi – 110017
Cost: Rs 150- 250

  • Jux Pux

    Lemonade - Jux Pux
    Lemonade – Jux Pux

 A tiny little counter located right next to Natural’s Ice cream Parlour in Connaught Place, Jux Pux offers freshly squeezed juices, healthy smoothies, thick shakes, and variety of lassi. They have 3 versions of Nimbu Pani (lemonade) – Masala, Chataka Masala and Beetroot. The Masala lemonade is common, but I was intrigued by the other flavours. Chataka Masala has ginger added to the masala and the beetroot lemonade has a striking flavour of beetroot, which tasted amazing and refreshing. At the outlet, you can also customize your drink. This is the only outlet of Jux Pux in Delhi NCR and personally, one of the greatest discoveries for me in the recent times.

Contact: +91 9711752015
Address: L – 9/1, Outer circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001
Cost: Rs 50 – 100

So, now when you’re thinking beyond cold coffee or tea, you know where to head. Thick ice cream shakes, nutritious smoothies or energizing juices, take your pick and give the muggy weather a real tough time.



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