Des Raj Uncle’s Chhole Bhature

Who serves the best chole bhature/kulche in Sitaram Bazaar? The story about my brief meeting with Desraj Uncle.

I was searching for Dhulichand’s Naresh Gupta’s Kulfi Shop, when I chanced upon Des Raj Uncle. He stood outside the kulfi shop, serving Chhole Bhature to a couple of men, who seemed to be his regular customers.

While we waited for someone to open the kulfi shop, I noticed the little tawa, rested at the end of his cycle. Then I glanced upon Gurjas, who was sneaking a peek into the container, carrying the chhole curry. The aroma was indeed inviting. And before I knew, Gurjas, probably one of the biggest fans of roadside Chhole-Kulche-Bhature, had ordered a plate for himself, albeit with a slight hesitation.

However, looking at the group of men, who seemed to have taken a breakfast break on their way to office, Gurjas felt reassured. In fact, when he felt confused about what to eat with the chhole, one of the men pitched in and strongly advocated eating Bhatura over Kulcha.

Soon, Des Raj Uncle served us Chhole, Chutney (onion-chili-lemon-mint) and Bhature. While Gurjas had a child like excitement, I was still a bit hesitant to eat. As he insisted, I decided to take a little bite. And I really liked what I ate! It often happens with me, that I end up really liking a dish that I am most hesitant to eat.

The Chhole were so much different from the over spiced versions we normally get everywhere. These had a little curry and were more home-like. The chutney, however, was the star! It was delicious and enhanced the flavour of the chhole. Although, the bhature had been prepared earlier and were only reheated on the little tawa, they tasted pretty good, nonetheless. Hence, we ordered another plate and treated ourselves with more of the lovely home-like chhole bhature.

We greedily asked for endless servings of the chutney. Des Raj uncle told us that he stands near Pillar number: 204, Kamla Market everyday and enjoys a repeat clientele. In his words, he believes people who love the taste of chhole and not too much masala, will come back to him for the ‘real deal’. And of course we couldn’t agree more.

While we licked off the last bits, he happily waited there for a while, before leaving for his regular spot in Kamla Market.

I would have never thought that I would enjoy eating Chhole Bhature so much. Usually, I would refrain from eating from a cycle vendor, but this is something I would highly recommend! It’s simple and hearty – just the way food should be.

NOTE: Des raj uncle can usually be found at 204, Kamla Market. You may also contact him on this number (7042423956) to find his exact location.



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