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Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea @ Cafe Turtle

Café Turtle is a book café tucked inside the lanes of a bustling Khan Market. Buzzing with hordes of shoppers and food lovers, Khan Market is hardly a place for finding solace. Café Turtle, however, serves as a hobbit hole for all those seeking a quaint little place, for reading a book over a cup of coffee. No wonder, it’s a favourite haunt of foreigners and book lovers, a perfect place to spend your whole day.

As you enter from the little green door and walk upstairs, you find yourself amongst huge shelves with scores of books. You can either buy a book or just sit, read and explore through the wide collections. Soothing music, al fresco sitting or healthy organic food, one can find many reasons to visit the café. The staff is very well trained and just lets you be.

The menu is a mix of Italian, Lebanese and Continental dishes. The desserts counter is full of inviting cakes. Walnuts pie, Blueberry cheesecake and carrot cake, they have it all. They also have variety of salads, pastas and beverages. Chana salad and Lebanese Platter are my personal favourites. And every place that serves fresh fruit juices undoubtedly tops my list of places to visit.

The food is good and I personally like it a lot, but it’s not your regular cheesy pasta or butter cake, found at bakeries around the city. The food is mild, subtle, yet flavoursome.

Café Turtle is a great escape from the strenuous life, into a wonderful world of books. It’s that makes you feel at peace and you can just idle around, for a change.

The coffee/tea costs between Rs. 100-200 and they have variety of organic teas as well. A meal for two consisting of a main dish, a dessert and a beverage costs Rs.1000-1200 approximately.

Full Circle, the book café needs no big words from me. Over the years it’s been loved by so many people that it keeps getting better. At the Khan Market outlet, the book collection is splendid and humongous. But the Nizammudin outlet has fewer books in comparison.

The flip side the Cafe is that it doesn’t provide wifi and no charging points. So you might want to keep your machines fully charged before you visit the café.

Visit Café Turtle for the love of books or just because you want to be on your own for a while.


Note: At Eatstory, I love sharing photos of food as well as the place, as I feel that readers should get a wholesome experience. However, as photography isn’t allowed at Cafe Turtle, I had requested for stock photos of the cafe. Unfortunately to my dismay, the management was not really co-operative and in fact at certain level, quite incompetent. So sorry folks! All I can show you are the cups!


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