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Cappuccino @Cafe Red
Cappuccino @ Cafe Red

Off late, Shahpur Jat has become my regular haunt. Apparently I’m not the only one, as the erstwhile village has turned into a major hub for fashion studios and eateries. It is bustling with so many new places that every visit to the market is a discovery. So, it’s no surprise that after discovering the wonderful Fursat Se Café, I managed to dig up another pearl.

While strolling through Dada Junghi lane, this time I discovered Café RED.

RED quite literally stands for Read, Eat and Drink. And well, you can certainly indulge in all three at Café Red.

The café is reasonably spacious with provisions for outside seating available. The al fresco seating is a little cramped up, but on a chilly winter afternoon, it’s a good space to be in. The swing placed in the inside area, renders a nice casual touch. In terms of looks, the place is fairly minimalistic and the graffiti on the wall acts like an ornament. Although the place has an easygoing laidback vibe, I feel they could infuse a little more zing into the place.

The book library at the café has only a handful of books to choose from. However, the great part is, you can carry your own book and spend an entire day here. In case you have company, you can give a shot to the board games.

Books @Cafe Red
Books @Cafe Red

The menu has a variety of cuisines and the list of beverages is pretty impressive. They have tea, coffee, shakes in many flavours. One gets a good variety to chose from.

The staff though courteous in general, can use a bit of smile. Not that they aren’t adept at their work, but they just seem a little aloof. Bright side is, they don’t disturb you, so can enjoy your book for as long as you want, with an array of beverages and snacks available.

I had stumbled across the café one afternoon. I was really hungry and wanted something for a quick bite. So straightaway, I ordered for Veg Bruschetta, Nacho Chaat and a cup of Cappuccino.

The Bruschetta was a pure delight. Though not how a connoisseur would like it. Nevertheless it was tasty because the bread was perfectly toasted, the tomatoes were juicy and fresh, and the basil, pepper and olive oil added the perfect balance and tied the whole dish together.

Veg Bruschetta
Veg Bruschetta

To be honest, I ordered Nacho Chaat just for adventure. Thankfully, the dish was yummy and it made me happy. The tortillas were garnished with curd, saunth and masala with pomegranate. The crunchy, tangy, sweet and juicy taste of this chaat is comfort food.

Nacho Chaat
Nacho Chaat

Only a few coffee shops get the ‘latte art’ drawing on the froth correct. It’s funny because Café Red, is most certainly not that place. The little drawing on the top of my Cappuccino looked a little amusing and eerie at the same time. Fortunately, it didn’t spoil the coffee experience, which was nicely brewed and actually, tasted pretty good.

The whole meal cost me Rs 418 inclusive of taxes.

I spent some more time at the café, watching the ongoing India-Australia series on the projector, before I decided to head back.

Café Red is not your quintessential coffee place. It is a mishmash, albeit a good one, with a great location, spacious seating and a pocket friendly menu. In case, you’re looking for a new hangout in South Delhi or just want to spend some quality time reading away, Café Red is a befitting option.

Thanks to BookStories, I have discovered so many places this month, which I wasn’t really aware of.

Cafe Red
Cafe Red


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