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Enjoy the textural flavours of authentic Burmese Food. Even without the meaty flavours, this fabulous herbivorous meal is something you may never want to miss.

Months ago, I came across some food pictures of Burma Burma, Mumbai, on Twitter. They were alluring enough to make me secretly wish, that they open in Delhi soon. Because, Khow Suey is all we get here, in the name of Burmese food. Also, my friend Sumegha (former journalist at The Indian Express) from Mumbai, messaged me regularly and spoke fondly about her great meals at Burma Burma.

I felt quite intrigued about how a cuisine celebrated for the flavours of fish and meat, could be presented as an all-vegetarian fare.

So, as soon as this celebrated Mumbai export came to Cyber Hub Gurgaon, the ‘curious me’ landed there, hoping to indulge in food, that would give me hiatus from my regular eat outs.

My meal at Burma Burma started on a familiar note. We were served a bowl of Samuza Hincho (Samosa Soup) – light, tangy and subtly spicy broth with a crunchy samosa and grams. I really liked the taste, which felt home-like.

We followed it up with the fresh flavours of Pomegranate and Mandarin in a mocktail.

Then we were served Raw Mango Salad, made with shredded raw mango, lettuce, cabbage, brown onions, chili and crushed peanuts, an absolute treat for my taste buds. I just loved the crunchy, fresh and juicy flavours of this salad.

Next up, was a plate of Tea Leaf Salad made out of tea leaves, fried garlic, sesame seeds, split yellow peas, toasted sunflower seeds, fried garlic, roasted peanuts, peanut oil, tomato and lettuce.

This was a beautiful exquisite mix of flavour, texture and freshness. There can’t be a better salad than this.

The unique fragrance of this salad just won me over. A staple in Burma, people out there eat this salad, almost everyday. The popularity of this salad was sealed when Ankit Gupta, the owner of Burma Burma enlightened us with the fact, that 80% of tealeaves produced in Burma are used for this salad. And after a bite, I could understand why.

And just when I thought, it couldn’t get any better, we were served Crispy Wheat Flakes Salad. With crunchy wheat flakes, peanuts, tomato, peanut oil and sunflower leafs, this felt divine. I don’t think I’ve had better salads than these, anywhere else in the recent times. Fresh, healthy and tasty, the salads were intricately wonderful, in terms of flavours and textures, something I absolutely adore in food.

All of these salads were downed with tumblers full of delightful Oh Tamarind drink – a concoction of sweet-tangy flavours of tamarind and jaggery with shredded coconut.

The dishes that followed had flavours, which were all too familiar – Tohu Mash with Palata and Brown Onions & Roasted Chilly Steamed buns.

Tohu Mash was made with finely minced tofu, cooked with onions, tomatoes, spices and chili. The Tohu mash is akin to the Indian bhurji and Palata is similar to Mughlai Parantha.

Brown Onions and Roasted Chilly Steamed Buns were delicious and fiery. The finely chopped onions had a deep spicy flavour of chilies, while the buns were similar to baos. Although, they might not suit someone who doesn’t like too much of chili, but, I found them to be amazingly scrumptious.

And no Burmese meal could be complete without a plate of Khawsuey. We relished the heavenly flavours and hearty portions of Shwedagon Khowsuey, topped with peanuts, caramelized onions, chili, tamarind paste and spring onions. Unlike the Khowsuey we get in Delhi, this was not too soupy. The hint of tamarind, thick gravy with the crunch of caramalised onions was the highlight of the dish. This umami-laden dish was exceptionally good.

We were also served Coconut Rice with peanut chutney and Burmese Fried Rice, but I think my heart and stomach were already occupied with the goodness of Khawsuey.

The desserts – Durian Ice cream, Burmese Heart Cooler and Avocado Ice cream with caviar – were a welcome relief from the routine, although, they might not suit everyone’s palate. Interestingly, Durian, (a fruit similar to jackfruit) is not allowed in public spaces in Burma owing to its pungent smell. Hence, at Burma Burma, keeping the Indian palate in mind, they kept the flavour subtle and refrained from using durian and other overpowering flavours such as seaweed, in excess. Still the unfamiliarity of the flavours, might not be to everyone’s liking. However, I just loved the Avocado Ice cream with caviar, perfect for a hot summer day.

The food had an unembellished character of it’s own, but, surprisingly never felt too alien. Perhaps, because being located in the heartland of Southeast Asia, Burma offers food that is an amalgamation of Indian, Chinese and Thai flavours. One can certainly vouch for its authenticity as Ankit Gupta’s mother was born and raised in Burma. So, he has had a long association with the place. Also, at first, all-vegetarian food in Delhi and that too the unfamiliar Burmese cuisine, might seem like too bold a decision, but, at Burma Burma, they seem aware and sure about what they are serving.

I told Ankit, how Sumegha spoke so dearly about the food at his restaurant and I could now understand her excitement. Never once did I miss any meaty flavour. Sometimes, to feel content, all you need is simple food, that’s all heart.

NOTE: I was invited to review the food at Burma Burma, all thoughts and views are my own. 

In a nutshell:

Location: Located right opposite Sodabottleopnerwala in Cyber Hub, Burma Burma is easy to locate.

Atmosphere: Depicting a true picture of Burmese culture with Burmese lungis, bright batik patterns and huge bells on the ceiling, akin to those that hang outside the pagodas. They also serve as a tearoom, where you can enjoy different brews and can also buy hand picked flavours of tea as per your liking.

Service: Efficient and attentive staff, who know the dishes inside out.

Food: Authentic Burmese Vegetarian food. Do visit, if you love Asian flavours and simple hearty meals.

Must Haves: Tea Leaf Salad, Raw Mango Salad, Tohu Palata, Shwedagon Khowsuey and Oh Tamarind

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