BREAKFAST & PIZZERIA by The Pasta Bowl Company

Interiors - Breakfast & Pizzeria by The Pasta Bowl Company
Interiors – Breakfast & Pizzeria by The Pasta Bowl Company

After serving delicious range of pastas for years, The Pasta Bowl Company has recently opened Breakfast & Pizzeria by The Pasta Bowl Company. The only place in the country, where you can relish authentic Italian breakfast delicacies.

I often hear people say candidly that Italians are the “Punjabis” of Europe. They love to drink, eat and make merry.

It’s no surprise that we have unofficially accepted Pasta and Pizza, as our very own. We love it with cheese and we love it with spicy tomato sauce, linguini or penne, we love our pasta in every form! And who doesn’t like Pizza at a house party?

However, there’s more to Italian cuisine, which we are yet to discover. Colazione, Pranzo, Merenda, Apperetivo, Cena are various meal times for Italians, where they enjoy specific dishes or drinks. And they don’t necessarily eat pizza and pasta for all their meals.

So, to explore the dishes served for an Italian Colazione (an Italian word for breakfast), I visited Breakfast & Pizzeria by The Pasta Bowl Company. This small little beautiful eatery has just recently opened up (just two steps away from The Pasta Bowl Company). The quaint little place has a serene ambience. The white walls, turquoise blue chairs and songs from Italy make up for a perfectly tranquil setting. The hearth oven adds a character to the pizzeria and the beautiful menu, carefully designed with muted colours, compliments the place well.

I remember during my visit to Italy, my lovely friends Laura and Andrea served me a Cornetti with jam and Nutella, for breakfast, along with a cup of coffee. However, since I never had coffee, so just like them, I too, opted for a glass of wine.

Therefore, when I discovered Cornetti on the menu of Breakfast & Pizzeria by TPBC, I felt happy and nostalgic. They also had many other dishes that I couldn’t wait to eat.

So, we had:

Juice of the day – Orange Juice
Cornetti – Classic plain served with Nutella
Crostata – Mele Cannella e Zenzero
Casserole Colazione – Carne
Uova Toscana

I started the meal with fresh Orange Juice, which was perfectly sweet and didn’t have any bitterness that usually comes from seeds. While I enjoyed my fresh fruit juice, my friend had a hot cup of Cappuccino with a homemade cookie.

Then arrived a platter of Classic plain Cornetti with nutella in the middle. It’s easy to mistake it for a croissant, but it’s not – infact, it’s very different. The dough for cornetti isn’t laminated diligently, it contains more sugar and has enriched bread like texture, similar to that of a brioche. And unlike croissant, a cornetti isn’t hollow from inside. The slightly warm cornetti was perfect with a soft and sweet texture. A regular part of an Italian Breakfast, it’s a perfect dish to relish with Coffee.

While I enjoyed my sweet cornetti, the sun trickled in and added lovely warmth that made the affaire more comfy.

Then came Mele Cannella e Zenzero crostata, popularly known as open-faced Italian baked tart. The Apple-Ginger-Cinnamon flavours were subtle and it ticked off another typical Italian breakfast feature – cinnamon. The delicate flavour of ginger and the thin slices of green apple added freshness in the filling and the pastry was soft and garnished with fine sugar. It is available in 3 different sweet and savoury options.

But soon after that, I was transported to the land of scrumptiousness with the Uova Toscana. The mouth-watering flavours of Chorizo, Poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, on a Ciabatta bread with Pesto formed a beautiful serving. Complimented with fresh salad on the side, this had the freshness of veggies, gooeiness of the hollandaise, the comfort of an egg and spiciness of chorizo. A classic breakfast flavour combination, the poached eggs are made in simmering liquid, with a dash of vinegar. The hollandaise sauce is emulsion of yolk, butter, salt and lemon and together they are too good to miss. The eggs were perfectly poached and ciabatta had the right texture. It’s also available with sour dough bread, pancetta and balsamic hollandaise.

Casserole Colazione – Carne, followed this. A wooden board carrying a pan of crustless breakfast quiche with Ham Salami, Bell peppers, Herbs, Smoked cheese, Cheddar and Cream, baked to perfection! Served with mini focaccia, marmalade, butter, bacon sausages and potatoes, this is a complete breakfast meal in itself. It has everything that one needs but I particularly loved the focaccia and sausages. The most fitting thing about this spread was that no single flavour overpowered my palate and every seasoning felt in sync with each other.

As the breakfast fiesta came to an end, the combination of the warm sun and the fantastic food I just had, reminded me of why I love winters!

I had a great time chatting with Chef Om and his team, who quite evidently love dishing out such lovely delicacies. Their love for food is reflected in their dishes. Well, it’s not surprising that they are the only eatery in the country, to serve such a wide variety of authentic Italian Breakfast.

They say, your breakfast should be the best meal of the day. So, now you know where to go, because I certainly do.

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