Breakfast at Odeon Social

Typewriter - Odeon Social
Typewriter – Odeon Social

Do you want to relive your favourite school memories with your best friends, over a tiffin?

How often are we excited about getting up early on a Sunday morning? And if I were to tell you to go to a ‘school’ on a Sunday, you might want to punch me in the face.

But if the place were as uber-cool as Odeon Social, I wouldn’t miss school for a day, as here, you just don’t get great food, but get to savour nostalgia. I have always been a huge fan of Social. I love the fact that they give attention to micro details in their menu, décor and food and create a cheerful vibe.

Visit to Odeon Social had been long due, so this Sunday I went there for breakfast. The place is little too extra special, at least for me. From the service staff’s school uniforms to drinks served in water bottles or good old tiffin boxes with classic anda bhurji, every corner of this place exudes nostalgia. Ring a school bell or chill around the swing and relive some of your favourite childhood memories from school here.

I was thrilled to see Social Bhurji (Anda Bhurji with Salli and Sweet Bun) served in a steel lunch box that looked exactly like the box I used to carry to school, much before Tupperware invaded my Mom’s kitchen. The Anda bhurji was prepared with onions, tomatoes, chilli and masala. The spicy, salty bhurji topped with crunchy salli was served with a sweet bun and had oodles of flavours and texture.

Followed by Anda Seekh Parantha, which looked deceptively simple, but was an intricate combination of flavours. Similar to Bhendi Bazaar Seekh parantha (made with refined flour), it was stuffed with egg and served with delicious seekh kebabs (finely minced meat with spices and cooked on a skewer) and mint chutney. The smoky, spicy flavour of kebabs was paired well with the refreshing taste of mint chutney and crunchy raw onions. This is a famous dish served at Mumbai’s various Irani Cafes and besides Social, Delhiites can savour it at SodaBottleOpenerWala also. Although it tasted great, I felt the dish is a bit too heavy for breakfast and would actually make a perfect evening snack.

And then arrived the famous Social breakfast trays, named after the owners of Social.

Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast – the mother of all breakfast trays had Gobhi Parantha, Chole, Samosa, Karare Aloo, Lassi, Aam ka Achaar and Chai, all the things I grew up on. Sunday morning breakfast has always meant Paranthas, so I couldn’t really contain my excitement and gorged on paranthas and chole, which tasted exactly like how my Mom makes them at home. I’ve had better Samosas, but the thick-sweet Lassi was quite good.

From the hearty Punjabi meal we moved on to a quintessential Mumbai meal with Hardy Bhai’s Ishtyle Breakfast. Keema Ghotala, Bun Maska, Bun Omelette, Khari Biscuit, Cutting Chai and Parle-G. I over-ate despite having a good share of comfort food, as this wasn’t my usual spread. I especially loved the Keema Ghotala and Bun Maska, which off late, has acquired the status of a fashionable dish. Keema Ghotala is usually made with leftover keema, cooked with onions, chilli, capsicum, garlic, spices and eggs baked on top. This Parsi dish is best enjoyed with freshly baked Pav. Trust me when I say this, you won’t be able to take your hands off this delicious mess.

Riyaaz’s breakfast of Champions consisted of Anda Shami, PBJ, Steak Sandwich and Milkshake. I loved the Steak Sandwich, which was more like a Hot Dog. However the Anda Shami was a huge disappointment. Dry and bland, it was paired with an equally tasteless omelette. Also served were Blueberry Pancakes, Granola with fresh cut fruits and Watermelon Juice, which you can eat if you are looking to have a light breakfast.

For me, breakfast that spills over lunchtime is my best kind of breakfast. After this Herculean breakfast, my second meal of the day was dinner! With major positives and minor negatives, this place scores an A and a gold star from me.

And why you must visit Odeon Social for breakfast?

As Odeon Social puts it “From the time when ‘Low Battery’ was never alarming, #OdeonSocial is a reminder of everything that was...” I’d say ‘happy’, a feeling genuinely felt rarely in most eateries these days.

In a nutshell:
Location: Located in the same building as BIG Odeon in D-Block – Connaught Place, it’s easy to locate.

Atmosphere: Cool, casual, fun and full of nostalgia, Odeon Social promises to put you in a school, albeit with a cheerful vibe.

Service: Efficient and quick. The service staff, does however need some basic training in explaining dishes to the patrons.

Food: Menu can be described as ‘Casual eclectic’, with dishes that have been given a quirky makeover. Expect some of your favourite childhood flavours, to appear in a modern avatar.

Must Haves: Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast, Hardy Bhai’s Ishtyle Breakfast and Anda Seekh Parantha

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