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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

In a country of Tea-lovers, Coffee is still making inroads slowly yet steadily. No wonder, now we have Blue Tokai, a Coffee Roastery and cafe, right here in the heart of the capital. They are surely brewing some magic at this lovely quaint little place.

 When it comes to tea and coffee, I’m more of a seasonal consumer. During summers, I evade them, but come winters and I can give most serial tea/coffee drinkers, a run for their money.

So, when I heard about Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, a coffee roastery, located right here in Delhi, I could hardly contain my excitement and decided to pay a visit. Accompanied by Neeru, the soul of Eatstory, we found ourselves meandering through the narrow lanes of Saidul Ajaib, a village near The Garden of Five Senses, that’s turning chic just like many other in Delhi. It took us a while and finally, past a rickety wall and a crumbling iron gate, we landed in front of Blue Tokai.

Although the locale felt crude and aloof, it didn’t bother us much, as a large signage with a peacock mounted on a white wall greeted us.

As soon as we entered through the humble little door, the place transformed into a beautiful white cave, with walls adorned with lovely artisan paintings and artefacts.

The aroma of coffee beans was strong enough to kick one out of one’s reverie.

The long corridor-like café was well complimented with simple contemporary furniture that rendered a rather clean look to the place, which I always admire.

The wall separating the café from the roasting arena, has huge nautical windows, through which one can witness the roasting process. Usually you can spot Matt, the co-founder and his team working tirelessly to provide the finest Arabica coffee beans to their patrons.

However, during our first visit, the place was a bit dormant, as the staff was on leave for Christmas. Matt, however, was kind enough to brew a cup of black coffee, which I loved, as he used the milder beans and made sure it wasn’t too strong for my taste.

He had spent a good deal of time, talking about the beans, the process of roasting and essentially the basic philosophy behind the place – highlighting and promoting the indigenous coffee farmers of India, who produce a significant amount of coffee, that is consumed worldwide.

The warmth of Matt’s hospitality and the charm of the roastery, prompted my second trip to the place (definitely more in the offing). This time I found baristas working behind the little counter. I noticed they have introduced a little Food menu as well, consisting of sandwiches, quiches and cakes, sourced from Rustom’s Bakery. We ordered for:

  • Cappuccino
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Sandwich

We chose to sit outside in the open and enjoy a bit of the winter sun. Although, it took a while for the order to arrive, but, we were in no hurry either.

As much as I love my coffee, I also know very well, that I am no expert either. I’m more of a coffee enthusiast. So, I skipped the ‘black’ this time and ordered for Cappuccino, a blend I’m most fond of and most familiar with. And thankfully, it tuned out pretty good. I could smell the sweet, mildly bitter aroma of espresso, a good indication of fresh coffee beans being used.

Neeru, on the other hand, is yet to be enlightened with the grace of coffee. In other words, she doesn’t have much liking for coffee. So, she ordered Hot Cocoa instead. Good thing is that the Hot Cocoa is made from espresso chocolate, featuring Blue Tokai’s own organic Arabica. Unfortunately, it didn’t really live up to our expectations. It wasn’t smooth as the chocolate had not really melted well, resulting in a lumpy texture rather than a smooth one.

As the food menu is limited, we zeroed in on a quiche, but it wasn’t available. So, we went for the sandwich, consisting of green apple, sweet onions, Arugula and cheese. It tasted fresh, but lacked any standout flavours, for my liking.

It had been a fairly decent experience, until we bumped into Matt again, while leaving. He enquired about our meal and we couldn’t really hide our disappointment with the Hot Cocoa. He promptly got down to making another cup, in spite of our protests. It’s obvious that he takes immense pride in his products and can’t allow someone to leave with a sour memory.

As Matt later explained, coffee, as many might not be aware, is a perishable commodity. If not consumed within two weeks, chances are that it will go stale or won’t taste as good. At most stores and cafes, the coffee beans used have been roasted weeks or probably months ago, which makes them stale. So, at Blue Tokai, they roast coffee beans fresh on order, twice a week and send it out to the buyers, the very next day.

I think, Matt’s gusto and passion permeated the drink this time, as his blend tasted really good!

And we could not have asked for a better send off.

Hot Cocoa Take Away - Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters
Hot Cocoa Take Away – Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

For a country obsessed with tea, it would take immense grit to make your mark as a coffee roastery. That’s exactly what Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters have managed to achieve, with their belief and pursuit of perfection.

NOTE: Coffee lovers yearning to soak in the aroma of fresh coffee while it is being roasted, can attend workshops organized by Blue Tokai. You can find more information here.

For Directions to Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters:

Address: Khasra 258, Lane 3, Saiyad ul Ajaib Village, New Delhi – 110030
Nearest Metro Station: Saket
Contact: 098211 26015

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