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Lean Chef

Delhi People Say Hello to the exquisite little place called Lean Chef, which is newly opened in GK 2.  Here is the place that serves healthy food like no other.

So there are many places opening up that serve healthy food, why should you go to Lean Chef?

  • The food is not only healthy, it’s absolutely lip smacking.
  • They serve healthy Burgers and Pizzas, so no need to cut down on junk.
  • They have a huge variety of smoothies that taste heavenly.
  • The dessert counter is full of very attractive low calories desserts.
  • Their pricing is bang on to pull large number of crowd.
  • An open kitchen, where you can see your food being made.
  • And last but not the least, the very hard-working and extremely gracious hosts Lakshay and Nayantara (The Co-owner and the Chef respectively)

As its not easy to plan a menu, it seems these guys have taken a lot of effort to get their menu in place. They have Pizzas, Burgers, Wraps, Pastas, Momos, Smoothies, Salads and variety of desserts. In the menu itself you get to see the number of calories each dish carries, so it gets easy for you to decide your order.

The ambience is nice, simple and overall the place has a pleasant vibe to it. Their little tables, quirky coasters about health quotes, fancy bottles of water flavored with natural fruits such as watermelon and orange etc and the eco-friendly green color lamps make their concept come alive. It shows the thoughtfulness and an eye for detailing by the conceptualizers.

I went there with my friend to celebrate an occasion. And since we were both avoiding eating out for sometime this was the perfect place to go to. He got to eat a Burger after months as their Burger buns and Pizza base is made out of using the Whole-wheat flour. We ordered for:

  • Burgerrabia
  • Tofu Trattoria
  • Berry Blast
  • Greek Pizza

Actually first we had just ordered the Burgers and the Smoothie. But my friend kept saying he wants to try a pizza as well. So when we finished eating our extremely palatable Burgers we ordered for a Pizza too.

The Berry blast Smoothie is their most selling drink so far and rightfully so. It was not only different in taste but the presentation was really attractive too. It was made with frozen berries, kiwis and white grapes juice. It carried only 75k Calories. I have never had a smoothie that has tasted so wonderful. The Chef insisted that we add a spoon of Chia seeds in it. Chia seeds help in digestion and improves metabolism, so we went ahead with her suggestion. It turned out to be super yummy.

Burgerrabia, my Non-Veg burger was served with salad and an in-house dip. It was very flavoursome and it carried the tastiest pulled chicken, hummus and veggies. The salad was fresh and I believe it was seasoned with Teriyaki sauce. The Dip was made out of egg whites and Olive oil with heavy dose of garlic. The dip was finger licking.

Tofu Trattoria, the Chef recommended the Vegetarian burger and obviously she knows here strength really well. The Burger was really tasty and the amount of Tofu was generous in it. It was seasoned with unusual amazing flavours.

Then came the pizza, we asked the Chef to surprise us and she was gracious enough to give us half Veg and half Non-Veg Greek Pizza. The pizza base was thin crust made with using Whole-wheat flour and spinach. The Non-Veg Pizza had Meat Balls that were steamed. The base was a little dry but that mostly happens with whole-wheat flour. Nevertheless it tasted really good.

We couldn’t help but try their desserts too. So we had their Chocolate Mousse. Chocolate mousse was the perfect dish to end the meal with. They make it with Diet chocolate and the best part is that you don’t realise it. It tastes as good as any other rich chocolate dessert. I was tempted looking at the cupcakes too but I left it for my next trip to Lean Chef.

Another must try should be their Coffee Profitrolls, that are made out of choux paste.

Now, one more reason for you to get excited to try this place is that its pocket friendly. After eating so much the bill was just Rs 872 inclusive of all taxes.

They have a very cool feedback form and you sure will have a good laugh after reading it.

Nayantara (The Chef) who has earlier worked at The Oberoi’s, is a young, smart, and hospitable girl. She looks into each detail herself and she seemed to be a perfectionist.  Lakshay (Co-Owner) is a young guy who’s gracious and friendly.

Most places that serve healthy food, they go crazy keeping one factor intact that they forget the most basic fundamental; that the food has to taste good. Lean Chef has managed to do that.




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