Pintxo – The Spanish delight!

Pintxo - The colourful Interiors
Pintxo – The colourful Interiors

By now I’ve realised and accepted that I enjoy my meals at small quaint places, which serve food with simple intention of making you happy. Ever since I came to know about Pintxo, my mind (read stomach) just wanted to visit the place.

The cozy and colorful décor of Pintxo and the peppy Spanish songs in the background create a wonderful ambience. With limited covers and a small kitchen set up, Sushmit Daniels (the Chef/Co-owner) and his staff, create dishes that speak volumes about their devotion to great food.

The menu had a variety of dishes that made me salivate instantly. I feel, if you love your meat, you’ve got to visit Pintxo. Without wasting much time, my friends and I ordered for:

  • Pumpkin soup (Rs170)
  • Fiery Potatoes w/ Romesco sauce (Rs 220)
  • Eggplant caviar & goat cheese (Rs 280)
  • Prawn wrapped in Bacon (410)
  • Valencia Pallea with Pork belly, shrimp and chicken (Rs 950)

To begin with, I have to confess that every dish tasted hearty and heavenly. Authentic and unassuming, the food was simply delicious.

Pumpkin soup
Pumpkin soup
Fiery Potatoes with Romesco sauce
Fiery Potatoes with Romesco sauce

The first dish to arrive on our table was Fiery Potatoes. The grilled and pureed bell peppers and almonds made up the tastiest romesco sauce. It tasted heavenly underneath those fried potatoes, topped with spices and cream. This dish can sure make any foodie lick the bowl till it’s over.

Eggplant caviar & goat cheese
Eggplant caviar & goat cheese

Eggplant caviar & goat cheese served with garlic bread is another delight for vegetarians. Pieces of eggplants topped with goat cheese, grilled till the cheese forms a crust on top. The crunchy, tangy and smoky flavour, is a treat for your taste buds.

Prawn wrapped in Bacon
Prawn wrapped in Bacon

Don’t faint at the sight of oil in the Prawns wrapped in bacon. Indulge yourself in this delicious bowl of excellently cooked prawns, coupled with the suitably overpowering delectable flavour of bacon, dipped in olive oil and spices. Don’t stop after you finish the prawn. Chef Sushmit would, in fact, encourage you to dip your garlic bread in the oil and enjoy the juices of bacon and prawn. Most certainly, this was the star dish of the meal.

Valencia Pallea with Pork belly, shrimp and chicken
Valencia Paella with Pork belly, shrimp and chicken

The Paella was a huge hearty portion of Spanish rice, calamari, shrimps and chicken. The tangy, smoky (bell peppers), black pepper and meat, elevated our whole dining experience.

Even though we had no space left to eat, Chef Sushmit was kind enough to serve a bowl of chocolate mousse and insisted upon tasting it. Served with freshly made strawberry compote, the mousse was light, chocolaty and perhaps the tastiest mousse, I’ve had in a restaurant.

Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse

The meal cost me RS 2100 inclusive of taxes.

The day we visited the restaurant, there weren’t many people, so we got to interact with Chef Sushmit. Brought up in Kolkata, he has travelled extensively. With his immense knowledge about food and passion for cooking, he has created a gem of place in Pintxo. His food philosophy is simple – just give people a wholesome, tasty bowl of food that would make them come back for more. And undoubtedly, his simple philosophy, unpretentious food and humble setting make Pintxo win all the way.

Pintxo - Exteriors
Pintxo – Exteriors

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