Fresh Fruit Cake | A reason to love Summers

Fresh Fruit Cake
Fresh Fruit Cake

It’s that time of the year when everyone desperately tries to find a way to escape Delhi summers. Escaping to places with balmy weather, planning pool parties or just hibernating in their air-conditioned houses, Delhiites take every step to flee the heat.

A major shift happens in our eating pattern as well. As much as I love having seekh kebabs, butter naans or a carrot cake for dessert, I can’t help bit avoid them, during this stifling season.

So one fine day, I got a call from a customer asking specifically for a ‘non-chocolatey’ cake. She wanted a sponge with more of fresh fruits and less of the cream. I was thrilled to bits, for getting to make a cake that I would personally love to eat. Believe me, it’s always motivating to make the perfect cake for your own happiness. And of course, the customer’s happiness works like a stamp of approval.

So going by her brief, I figured (or assumed and played a gamble) that a Fresh Fruit Cake would be quite appropriate. After giving her few suggestions, I decided to make a classic butter sponge, with dried cranberries and blackcurrants along with walnuts (it was a 2kg cake order and that quantity required some crunch in the sponge). I used whipped cream to frost the cake only on top (leaving the sides naked) and garnished it with fresh seasonal fruits like mango, blueberries, grapes and cherries.

To keep the sponge fresh and moist, I peeled off a thin layer from the top of the cake (the brown skin on top) and applied sugar syrup (vanilla flavour) before frosting it with cream.

I delivered the cake at night and next day I woke up to a sweet complimentary message in my inbox.

What can feel better than making people happy!

So I know, the heat can really be unbearable, but God has his own ways to reward us. By giving us a delicious range of fruits like Mango, lychee, watermelon, melons, grapes, cherries and berries, which can make this dull season, joyful.

So, if you also want to feel good about summers, here’s the recipe.

Fruit cake
Fruit cake



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