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Bamboo Boat

Looking for Vietnamese Bahn mi, Himalayan Momos, Japanese Ramen or Korean Kimchi Rice, then you got to call Bamboo Boat ASAP.

I have lost count of people I have met, over the past couple of years, who’ve quit their jobs to start a food tech or a food service. Gurgaon, especially, has become a haven for many such food enthusiasts, who have dared to take the path less trodden. However, meeting Prerna and Yang (both lawyers) was a different experience. I went to try their food, but, as it happens when I meet ardent food lovers, it lead to a long stimulating conversation about food, places and cuisines, whilst exchanging loads of ‘must visit eateries’ recommendations, with each other.

I had reached Bamboo Boat’s Kitchen (so far only a delivery-only service) for an early dinner, when I met Prerna who was running the show single handedly, with enviable gusto. What got me excited was the way she recommended the dishes to me. I could see that she was herself salivating, while describing the recommendations from her menu. That had me sold! So, without wasting a second, we went for Porky Ricesticks with Garlic Dip, Spinach and Paneer Momos with Chili Peanut Dip and Ramen Burger.

While we waited for the food to get ready, Prerna and Gurjas, both recently turned non-vegetarians, discussed their latest discoveries in meaty food offerings, what made them change their mind and how they have found dishes beyond paneer and mushroom. I was having a gala time listening to their stories.

Prerna, had once travelled extensively through Vietnam, for over a month and had fallen in love with fresh and delicious Vietnamese food. This had, of course, inspired her to include Bahn Mi in the menu of Bamboo Boat.

While Prerna got busy with some orders, our food arrived and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

The Ramen Burger was what I was most excited for. Soft and well-seasoned pulled pork patty, lightly grilled and paired with half fried egg and lettuce. It was sandwiched in crunchy noodle bun. Perhaps, it was a little too saucy, as the tomato ketchup was a bit too overpowering. However, I did like the subtle flavours and varied textures of the burger. It was served along with piping hot fries. This would serve as a complete meal, when you’re craving for some meaty junk food that’s nothing but comfort.

The next thing I had, made me a bit nostalgic. The Spinach and Paneer Momos, freshly made right after we ordered, were nothing less than terrific. They reminded me of Gayki, a small vegetarian eatery in Mcleodganj, Dharamsala, which I really loved. Gayki, which has sadly shut now, served the best vegetarian Tibetan food and these momos reminded me of the times I spent eating in the hills. The momos here, were served with spicy chili peanut dip, but, these beautifully steamed momos with a thin coating, filled with steamed spinach and paneer, were delicious to eat as is. A must have for all momo fans, as not everyone makes the effort of serving fresh momos.

And I guess, my greatest discovery was, definitely, the Japanese inspired Porky Ricesticks. Sticky rice infused with wonderful minced Himalayan pork sausage and served with a garlic dip. I instantly loved the funky flavours in it. This was Gurjas’s favourite too.

This dish aptly reflected the various influences, gathered by Prerna and Yang while traveling across various Asian countries.

Notably, Yang (whose parents are from Sikkim and Nagaland) brings in the flavours from her childhood, spent in the North-East. Her love for meat, uncomplicated flavours and fresh produce was evident in the way she had put few dishes on the menu. Her passion for her food was unmistakable. She heartily discussed meat preparations and even said, “How can people eat just Rajma Chawal? Where’s the meat?”, to which, of course, I laughed.

While discussing cuisines I discovered that all of us loved Malabari food and of course, Bengali food. Prerna, born and raised in Kolkata, told me about a few places in Kolkata that I must check out. I, on the other hand, suggested that they must check out South Café for delicious home style Kerala food. We were three strangers bonding over food, travel and lessons of life that we’d learnt living in various cities.

Bamboo Boat - Prerna and Yang
Bamboo Boat – Prerna and Yang

I loved meeting these girls, who, I could see, genuinely loved their food.

Even though we met on a Sunday night, when one would probably want to laze around, they felt like a bundle of energy. Adventurous and keen learners, they are eager to travel the world to discover food, beyond the boundaries. By her own admission, Prerna said, “We’re not trying to be chefs, we’re just serving the kind of food, which we like to eat.”

In a nutshell:

Service: A home delivery service. Contact: 0124 – 6588017

Food: Collection of Vietnamese, Japanese, Nepalese, Korean cuisine adapted to the Indian palate, their food is absolute comfort.

Must Haves: Porky Ricestick and Momos



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