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Bagrry's Muesli with fresh cut fruits
Bagrry’s Muesli with fresh cut fruits

How opening a Box of Muesli taught me to appreciate ‘food that’s available to us’.

After a lavishly indulgent breakfast at Odeon Social on Sunday, I felt like having a healthier, lighter breakfast. I never really crave for oats or muesli, but I thought, I could use a little break from my mom’s delicious buttery stuffed paranthas.

Even during my numerous (read failed) bouts of eating healthy in the recent days, I had always missed these boxes of Bagrry’s Muesli and Oats, lying in my kitchen cupboards. My sister, who loves to eat Oats and Muesli, also hasn’t visited in a long time. So, the boxes of Muesli and Oats stayed undiscovered.

Perhaps, I can make innumerable excuses, but the truth is, I have never been a fan of cereals of any kind. I am glad though, that when I did finally open the boxes, I finished it in just one day!

Well, as it happened, my parents had to go out of town. And all I had in the fridge was cape gooseberries, kiwis, strawberries, pomegranate and bananas – yes, just fruits! I think it was my parents’ secret mission to make me survive on fruits and eat healthy for a change.

So, I took up the challenge and decided to eat everything I could find. And I thought it was the perfect opportunity to pair the fruits with the muesli.

Fortunately for me, Baggry’s Crunchy Muesli had a good share of raisins, almonds and honey, so all I had to do was to mix it fruits and milk. I loved the crunchy, sweet taste of muesli against the sweet (not sour) taste of fresh kiwis. I made the same mix for Saurabh and Gurjas. Needless to say they had a good portion of this healthy meal.

Later, we decided to open the box of Slim Muesli. We had pomegranate and bananas, which we mixed with the crispy and healthy cereal. Voila! We were not only well fed but also felt energized. Believe me, it’s an emotion that I rarely get to feel.

Choco Delight Muesli by Bagrry’s was another box that we had at home, however Saurabh had almost finished it long ago. I had found some last bits to snack upon and in hindsight, I regret not playing along with him. It was not just healthy but yummy at the same time. I suppose it’s the chocolate that does the magic. It didn’t require to be paired with anything else other than a bowl of milk.

Now next on my list is to have Atta Muesli. I strive to eat one healthy meal in a day. I feel it gives me energy to run around the whole day and not feel sleepy or laidback while working.

Although, I wasn’t looking for one, but I did learn a lesson here. We often tend to overlook the things, present in front of us. We are all busy in finding something exotic outside of our house, for it to become a part of our conversations. But it’s the simplest things in life that we find comfort in and more often than usual, they turn out to be the best. They are right there in front of our eyes, we just need to spot them.

Not being philosophical here, but opening a box of muesli, which I would overlook everyday, made me realize that we must appreciate the food that’s available to us. It can turn out to be one of your best meals ever!

NOTE: This post is done in association with Baggry’s, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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