The Lalit Mangar

To begin with, wish you all a very Happy New Year! With a heavy heart and a conscience full of guilt, I must confess that I’m aware of being ‘Missing In Action’ from the blog for quite sometime now. In my defence, I have just finished the most arduous task of moving to a newContinue reading

Green Tea Cake with Coconut Cream

A recipe that elevates the joy of Green Tea in form of a cake. N: I am not a Tea-Hater, it’s just that I have never had it. G: No, admit it. You don’t like tea. N: How can I say I don’t like it, when I have never tasted it? G: Well that isContinue reading

Small Tomato Tarts

There is no greater joy than the joy of baking delicious nibbles at home. And, having Nigella Lawson’s book by your side helps you just do that. As I unwrapped my birthday gift, I was thrilled to the core to find ‘How to be Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson’. This felt special and once again,Continue reading

Coconut Cake with Tamarind Sauce

Pairing moist Coconut Cake with a tangy Tamarind Sauce, a pack of Dabur’s Coconut Milk and Tamarind Paste kept in my fridge made me think beyond the usual. Hurray, I have found the perfect recipe for a cake that you can make for your mother. I feel, mothers are difficult to please. At least myContinue reading

Trifle- Roulade, Lemon Curd, Fresh Fruits, Whipped Cream and Dabur Honey fruit Spread

With a delicious Roulade coupled with Dabur’s Honey Fruit Spread, my Sunday was perfect making a big bowl of Trifle for brunch. My shoot for a restaurant had just got over and I was beaming with excitement. I was all set to bake and indulge in some festive desserts. Unfortunately, I hurt my back andContinue reading

All Seasons Homestay - Rajasthani Thali

Live like a local when you travel to Jaipur. I truly believe, there’s no better food than homemade food. Restaurant hopping is fun, however, I feel, living with a family, gives you a better insight into the local culture and flavours, when it comes to food. Hence, I chose All Seasons Homestay on Hathroi Road,Continue reading

Jaipur - Pink city

This is a food story about my double visit to Jaipur in a gap of 10 days and a guide to the city’s best food. The lovely folks at Jaipur Women Blog invited Gurjas and me as ‘Guest Speakers’ to their Bloggy Boogie event, where we spoke about all things ‘food’. As it was aContinue reading

Tomato Apple Rosemary Jam Tarts

My current mood: Eat Homemade Jams. Now days, I look at fruits and think whether I can pair them and make jams using them. Thanks to the wonderful feedback I received for Mango Ginger Thyme and Dried Apricot & Plum Jam, I decided to make Tomato Apple Rosemary Jam. This was a new flavour combinationContinue reading

Pool Side - Taj Bengal

A story about my staycation at Taj Bengal and rediscovering one of the best food destinations of the country. ‘Why do you want to go to Kolkata? You’ve seen it all! What will you do there?’ Well, that’s what my parents kept asking me for a month, when I informed them that I would beContinue reading

Dried Apricot & Plum Jam

Say no to Packaged Jams and treat yourself with the goodness of fresh homemade Jams. I am currently crushing over homemade jams. I feel they’re delicious and everyone must know how to make them. It’s a simple process and it doesn’t take long to cook. And I believe there’s no greater happiness than eating homemadeContinue reading