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Asia Seven - Dim sum
Asia Seven – Dim sum

Asia Seven’s new menu offers a range of Dim sum that will make non-vegetarians and vegetarians rejoice in the flavours, alike.

I am that person who can eat appetizers for mains. I love gorging on kebabs, rolls, cutlets and of course, dim sum. I guess I love the varied range of flavours, meats and vegetables, that come packed in these small bites.

So, when my meal at Asia Seven, started with Prawn Har Gow Dim sum, I couldn’t be happier. This traditional Cantonese dim sum with delicious tiger prawn filling and thin smooth coating, was terrific. Paired beautifully with herb chili sauce, sweet and chili sauce and soy sauce. The fresh, juicy, tender prawn filling was the highlight of the dim sum and it was seasoned so beautifully that I could eat it without any sauce.

Then came Broccoli and Almond dim sum, a definite treat for the vegetarians. Finely crushed, blanched and seasoned with herbs, the broccoli was covered in a thin layer garnished with almonds. Not only did it taste amazing, it was healthy too. The crunch of almonds, softness of broccoli and smooth texture of the coating made it all fabulous.

And just when I was soaking in the flavours of this dim sum, we were served Chicken and Bokchoy dim sum. Chicken filling covered in bokchoy (Chinese cabbage) and stir fried in soy, vinegar, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, chili and sugar. This blew my mind with its sea of flavours. It was crunchy, juicy, sweet, salty, chili – all rolled in one!

Followed by Chive and Water chestnut, which was perhaps the most subtly seasoned flavour combination that could be put together in a dim sum. The crunchy water chestnuts and chives filling, tasted good with the sweet-chili sauce.

And then came another stellar dim sum, Prawn and Spinach roll. Prawn covered in spinach and steamed to perfection. With a dominant flavour of garlic along with onion, soy, sesame oil, chili and salt, it was so delicious that we couldn’t help but ask for a second serving. The flavours felt perfect for a warm, comforting supper on a winter night.

I was already feeling quite stuffed, however, when we were served Spicy Chicken Dim sum, I just didn’t want to stop, once I took a bite. A very thin roll filled with minced chicken filling, which was seasoned with salt, chili and Sichuan pepper. This was spicy and juicy, just like how a dim sum should be. This could be a popular item on the menu, for it’s obvious and easily likeable flavours.

I am not a huge fan of vegetarian dim sum, but Spicy Vegetable and Peanut was something I had never had earlier. Hence, I was excited to try this one. With finely chopped vegetables (Chinese cabbage, onions, green beans, pepper) paired with lightly roasted peanuts and covered in thin rice roll, it felt crunchy and gooey in equal measures, something vegetarians would enjoy.

And we finished our Dim sum saga with Crystal Vegetable Dim sum. A julienne of vegetables, covered in the thinnest transparent coating, which was very delicate. They were steamed only for few minutes to allow for shape and transparency, to set in.

I was totally stuffed by now. So, only could manage a spoonful of mains, which were Sticky Lamb chops, Pineapple Rice with Sticky Chicken Thai curry. The pineapple rice (rice cooked with sweet corn, pineapple and salt) is a new addition to their menu and it was presented nicely. This could be an instant hit with kids or those who enjoy the sweet-salty-sour flavour in Asian food.

We were also served Korean Kimchi and Korean Pork Belly on Grill. The chef cooked the Pork belly on a portable stove, just like how they do in all Korean Restaurants. Served with grilled onions, and mushrooms, the grilled pork belly was wrapped in fresh lettuce, garlic-chili paste and kimchi. This was delicious, authentic, as the chef had especially got the paste and kimchi from Korea. Also, the Korean pancake made out of flour, egg, potatoes and spring onion was delicious.

In the dessert, I really loved the in-house coconut ice-cream, which was fresh and went perfectly well with the oriental meal. The coconut flavour was prominent and I couldn’t have asked my meal to end on a more delicious note.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal, as these umami flavours never fail to impress me.

NOTE: : I was invited to review the food at Asia Seven, all thoughts and views are my own. 

In a nutshell:

Location: 3rd floor, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, Haryana. Across the games section, it’s tucked between Punjab Grill and Fresco.

Atmosphere: Casual sit down, the restaurant has comfortable seating. Perfect for families to visit on weekends.

Service: Courteous and efficient bunch of staff. However, they need to work on explaining the dishes to patrons.

Food: If you’re a fan of Pan Asian cuisine, you may want to visit this place known to serve variety of dim sum, sushi and more similar delicacies.

Must Haves: Prawn and Spinach roll, Prawn Har Gow, Chicken and Bokchoy dim sum.



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