Artusi Ristorante | Flavours of Italy’s Emilia – Romagna region!

Artusi Restorante -Gurugram
Artusi Restorante -Gurugram

Artusi Ristorante, now serving you delicious authentic Italian food in Gurugram.

Artusi Ristorante is a wonderful addition to Gurugram’s ever buzzing restaurant scene. With great value attached with creating a quintessential ‘European fare’ for the locals, it promises unadulterated flavours, upscale interiors and just the right mood for you to enjoy Italian delicacies. Food, that us Delhiwalas, absolutely love.

Food: Named after Pellegrino Artusi, the founder of Italian Cuisine, Artusi gives us an earnest insight into the flavours of Emilia-Romagna region of North-Eastern Italy. Offering a lavish array of Italian dishes that are meat or seafood based, Oscar Balcon, the owner and his team have made sure that only products and delicacies that originate from this region of Italy are served. That does make it much more exciting than just the regular Pizza-Pasta affair.

One must eat Rocket leaves salad with grapes, raisins, pears and goat cheese with pine nuts in EVO and balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar, which comes from Modena, a city located in the same region is paired well with the fresh sweet flavour of the grapes and pears along with the salty creamy goat’s cheese. The pine nuts add the right amount of crunch and makes the salad truly flavoursome. With a glass of Prosecco by side, I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this.

I also had crab meat set in a sauce with plum tomatoes with handmade spaghetti Chitarra. The handmade, home-style spaghetti was an egg pasta, distinctly fresh with finer texture unlike the ones we get in packets. The light sauce was mild in flavour and accentuated the taste of the soft crab meat.

I loved the Red Snapper seasoned with rosemary served with assorted mushrooms (button & gucchi) in a cream sauce, which was served with a side of Risotto finished in Parmesan cheese. The Parmesan cheese used in the Risotto was beautifully aged, which lent a strong, pungent, yet delicious flavor to the dish. I loved the subtle flavour of the grilled fish vis-à-vis the strong flavour of the creamy risotto. And I will have you know Emilia-Romagna is the region where Parmesan cheese is produced in Italy. A bite of that risotto along with a sip of Red Wine is a match made in heaven.

The food was nice and strangely enough, not too alien for my palate. However, my absolute favourite were the desserts.

A perfectly soft wobbly Panna Cotta with caramel, caramelised figs and roasted almonds was pure divine. The sweet, bitter caramel and crunchy nuts and jam like figs, rendered a great mix of flavours and texture to the dish. I could very well eat one more serving of this dessert.

Another treat for my tastebuds was Strawberries macerated in red wine, served with Mascarpone cream. Creamy, sweet, fruity and sour, all in one and garnished with some fresh mint, this dessert was simple yet delicious. There was nothing clever about this, however its simplicity won me over.

Ambience: The beautiful restaurant has a sophisticated art deco setting with al fresco seating, offering a view of the shiny surroundings of Gurugram’s new food hub, One Horizon Center. With classic European music in the background and gorgeous natural light brightening up the restaurant, one can instantly fall in love with the cheerful vibe of Artusi. The rose pink upholstery of the chairs, fresh pink flowers, a vintage style fire place, black and white pictures and a bar full of exquisite wine bottles, you’re sure to be transported to another realm.

Service: As soon as we entered the restaurant, the courteous staff greeted us with wide smiles. Each of them knew the menu well and performed their job efficiently. I love wine, but honestly, I am not well versed with food-wine pairing, therefore I had left it to the management to do that for me. Oscar Balcon, was kind enough to personally help me pair the wine with my food. If you’re new to this food, you can safely trust the staff. They do a fine job with the food, based on your preferences and likes.

Overall, the food was simple things done right. Clean, authentic and distinct flavours, all put together sophisticatedly on a plate, making Artusi, just the place to learn the ‘art of eating Italian food’.

Location: Plaza Level, Two Horizon Center, Golf Course Road, Gurugram




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