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Ama Thakali
Ama Thakali

Sometimes, simple meals in life, make for best times. Enjoy eating home styled Nepali food at Ama Thakali, a home away from home, for many.

For one of those days, when you are staying away from your family and home, and all you want is that comforting plate of Daal, Subzi and Chicken Curry.

During my past visits, I have seen many people waiting to get a table at Ama Thakali, a popular eatery in Majnu Ka Tila, where you can relish a Nepali Thali, along with other much loved Nepali dishes.

Simple, minimalistic and unpretentious, the décor of the place was a relief from over embellished places I see now-a-days. The floor cushions, colour of the walls, the wooden window frames, the brass cutlery and pictures of paddy fields adorning the walls, paint a beautiful picture. And, the traditional Nepali music in the background only adds to the milieu. This place reminded me of The Clay Oven Restaurant in Mcleodganj, as they also serve delicious Nepali Thali, besides pizzas and more.

The staff was friendly and the menu, though limited, covers the favourites from Nepali cuisine. Besides the Thali (Mutton, Chicken and Vegetarian), they have specials menu, which changes on daily basis.

Looking at everyone gorging on the famous unlimited Thali, I spent no time in deciding what I wanted to eat. I ordered for:

  • Nepali Thali (Chicken)
  • Chicken Choila (from the specials menu)

An assortment of staple dishes from a Nepali household, the Thali consisted of daal, rice, subzi, potato fries, boiled spinach, salad, pickle chutney, curd and chicken curry. The urad daal, a permanent fixture in Nepali cuisine, was mild and soupy, highlighting the distinct taste of the lentils. This was the Non-Punjabi (read no ‘makhan’) version of Urad Daal. While, the spinach was bland and the pickle was moderately strong, the tomato-onion-chilli chutney, however, tasted really yummy with the fries.

However, the star of the Thali was the Chicken Curry. The spicy, tangy, curry with soft juicy chicken tasted terrific. Spices like garam masala, jeera, and dhaniya were cooked to perfection, in this tomato, onion and garlic based gravy. Usually this curry is prepared in Mustard oil, but at Ama Thakali, I could not taste any hint of mustard. Nevertheless, it tasted heavenly and we literally licked off the bowl.

The portions are huge and one has the option to ask for refills (except meat and curd).

Thankfully, three of us shared one Thali, so there was some more space for Chicken Choila. A dish prepared with boneless chicken (cooked, tender and juicy), tomatoes, onion, green chilli and coriander sautéed with a dressing of lemon juice. Served with Poha, this is a dish that Nepalis eat during festival time. The chicken was tangy, spicy and soft and I really loved the tomatoes and onions with chilli. One of the best and simple preparations of Chicken I have had in recent times. Priced at just Rs 150, you can always skip the raw poha, if it doesn’t suit your taste.

Rs. 330 was the damage on my pocket and believe me when I say, there was no place left in my stomach to even have water. Getting such delicious and wholesome meal, at this cost, is nothing less than a blessing.

I sat there for some time, enjoying the music. I noticed that a lot of people dining there, did not speak much. The all just seemed to be enjoying the unlimited servings of daal-chawal-pickle, perhaps their regular food, far away from home.

Evidently, Ama Thakali is a place that’s home to a lot of people, making a living here or are just here, for some home like food.

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