Jaipur - Pink city

This is a food story about my double visit to Jaipur in a gap of 10 days and a guide to the city’s best food. The lovely folks at Jaipur Women Blog invited Gurjas and me as ‘Guest Speakers’ to their Bloggy Boogie event, where we spoke about all things ‘food’. As it was aContinue reading

Tomato Apple Rosemary Jam Tarts

My current mood: Eat Homemade Jams. Now days, I look at fruits and think whether I can pair them and make jams using them. Thanks to the wonderful feedback I received for Mango Ginger Thyme and Dried Apricot & Plum Jam, I decided to make Tomato Apple Rosemary Jam. This was a new flavour combinationContinue reading

Pool Side - Taj Bengal

A story about my staycation at Taj Bengal and rediscovering one of the best food destinations of the country. ‘Why do you want to go to Kolkata? You’ve seen it all! What will you do there?’ Well, that’s what my parents kept asking me for a month, when I informed them that I would beContinue reading

Dried Apricot & Plum Jam

Say no to Packaged Jams and treat yourself with the goodness of fresh homemade Jams. I am currently crushing over homemade jams. I feel they’re delicious and everyone must know how to make them. It’s a simple process and it doesn’t take long to cook. And I believe there’s no greater happiness than eating homemadeContinue reading

Mango Ginger Thyme Jam

A quick and simple recipe to make Mango Jam at home. Oh dear god! The Mango season is over. I have always felt I love watermelon more than any other fruit. However, secretly, Mango has been my weakness. While, I love to eat them fresh and raw, my Mom also makes delicious raw Mango chutney,Continue reading


The simplest recipe for moist, gooey and delicious Dark Chocolate & Zucchini Loaf. Whenever my sister visits Delhi, she hoards up vegetables like broccoli, peppers, and zucchini, to take them along with her, to Dharamsala. Unlike me, she is always ‘trying’ to eat healthy and likes her veggies boiled. I happened to notice that sheContinue reading