Pavlova with Summer Fruits, what’s not to Love? Here’s your guide to make it at home. Making a Pavlova is one of the hardest things for me. Starting from choosing a clean, non-greased, dry bowl to separating yolks from the eggs whites, there’s pressure at every step of making Pavlova. But what’s the fun ifContinue reading

Orange Blossom Cake with Homemade Mascarpone Cheese Frosting

Orange Blossom Cake with homemade Mascarpone Cheese Frosting I was relishing the tender juicy kibbeh kebab and delicious hummus at Zizo, possibly the best Lebanese eatery in town. Chef Danny and I were engaged in a rather enriching food talk, when he proudly mentioned about the quality of the restaurant’s in-house pickles, molasses, blossom waterContinue reading

Cherry & Blueberry Clafoutis

An easy recipe for Clafoutis – a French dessert, which is simple to make at home. It was one of those days, when the poor fridge finally gets that much-needed scrub. I mostly dread those days. My Mum often scolds me for not eating enough fruits and jams that lie around in the fridge, afterContinue reading

White Chocolate Mousse with Brandies Peaches

A recipe for White Chocolate Mousse garnished fresh from farm Peaches with hint of booze. One fine morning, I received a message from Aparupa saying “Come and collect your peaches today”. I guess, she could see how much I loved her fresh farm peaches from Uttarakhand. Hence, a new batch had travelled all the wayContinue reading

Porky Ricesticks

Looking for Vietnamese Bahn mi, Himalayan Momos, Japanese Ramen or Korean Kimchi Rice, then you got to call Bamboo Boat ASAP. I have lost count of people I have met, over the past couple of years, who’ve quit their jobs to start a food tech or a food service. Gurgaon, especially, has become a havenContinue reading


Stay positive, one step at a time. I refrain from talking about this in my blog posts, but today I felt it’s the right time to speak up. I like getting feedback – positive, negative, constructive, trolls or even something purely out of cynicism – yes, every kind. I feel, it helps me grow andContinue reading