Halwa Poori in Kashmir

Memories of my favourite roadside snack in Kashmir, with inputs by Marryam H Reshii. I am sitting in my room with tons of emails to answer. I also have deadlines to meet for my writing assignments and most importantly, a sponge of Epic Chocolate cake that I made for my sister’s birthday, is waiting in theContinue reading

Asia Seven - Chive & Waterchestnut Dim sum

Asia Seven’s new menu offers a range of Dim sum that will make non-vegetarians and vegetarians rejoice in the flavours, alike. I am that person who can eat appetizers for mains. I love gorging on kebabs, rolls, cutlets and of course, dim sum. I guess I love the varied range of flavours, meats and vegetables,Continue reading

Madly Bangaalee - Kosha Mangsho

Craving for some Bengali food? I have found a perfect little place for you. Having lived in Kolkata, there are times when I miss my Bengali food. Owing to my love-hate relation with Kolkata, I had never imagined that a day would come, when I would feel this way. So, itching for some chops andContinue reading


Meeting new people, an UNO tournament, listening to Beatles and Parsi Food, the stuff that makes a perfect Sunday. How I found my perfect place to host an Uno Tournament/ Eatstory M_Eat Up? As a food blogger I eat out way often than other people usually would. Lately, it had started to feel like work,Continue reading

Cilantro - Viet Dua Ca Ri Ga

Rice Paper rolls, Fresh Produce, Tropical Fruits and Herbs. Vietnamese cuisine makes its way into the Delhi food culture. My wish, for this year, was to travel to Vietnam. I have been intrigued by the fresh flavours and street food culture that everyone talks about, when it comes to this Asian country. Vietnamese cuisine hasContinue reading