Chicken Momos - Golden Cafe

Momos, that’ll make you come back to this cafe countless number of times. Read why Golden Cafe, a humble Pan-Asian eatery in Pahar Ganj, stands out in this crowded market. There’s no dearth of Chinese eateries in Delhi, however, there are only a handful that have some repeat value. I am not fanatic about myContinue reading

Penne Al Funghi Pasta - Brown Bread Bakery

Organic German Bakeshop in New Delhi, a paradise for backpackers. Stumbling around in Paharganj, one day Gurjas and I found this amazing place, tucked in a narrow lane, of this ever-bustling market of Delhi. We would have missed it completely, had we not taken a short cut to save ourselves from the torrent of pedalContinue reading

Bhaang Kulfi - Dhuli Chand Kulfi Wala

Where in Delhi can you find the finest Bhaang Kulfi? Be it Eid, Diwali or Christmas, I await each festival with as much excitement. When it comes to Holi though, I have mixed feelings. I hate the cold and skin allergies, which follows Holi, more often than not, in my case. However, it’s a greatContinue reading

Bagrry's Muesli with fresh cut fruits

How opening a Box of Muesli taught me to appreciate ‘food that’s available to us’. After a lavishly indulgent breakfast at Odeon Social on Sunday, I felt like having a healthier, lighter breakfast. I never really crave for oats or muesli, but I thought, I could use a little break from my mom’s delicious butteryContinue reading

Hardy Bhai’s Ishtyle Breakfast - Odeon Social

Do you want to relive your favourite school memories with your best friends, over a tiffin? How often are we excited about getting up early on a Sunday morning? And if I were to tell you to go to a ‘school’ on a Sunday, you might want to punch me in the face. But ifContinue reading


An eclectic mix of a London Diner and a Classic Bistro, Amreli offers a unique perky dining experience with an equally interesting mix of cuisines. I love Indian food and these days I am obsessed with it! Even after the delightful meal by Leaping Caravan, I was still lusting for more Kebabs and Curries. AlthoughContinue reading

Punjabi Mutton Curry and Butter Chicken - Leaping Caravan

Lip smacking food from Kabul to Kolkata, Leaping Caravan celebrates heritage food from the Grand Trunk Road. A bag full of enticing aroma arrived at my home, this Monday. I usually stay away from Home Delivery services, as I enjoy going out and meeting people. However, I quite liked the concept of Leaping Caravan. Also,Continue reading

The Coalition - Talkatora Stadium

Things I learnt at The Coalition, festival of creativity. After an endless blitz of Food Festivals in Delhi, thank god we had The Coalition – the festival of creativity. Organized by Only Much Louder (OML), this was the third edition of the 3-day long festival. With over 300 speakers across 11 creative disciplines including FoodContinue reading


My Sunday breakfast ritual – Mom’s Aloo Parathas and more. How’s a Sunday morning without Aloo parantha? Well, it’s really sad, for starters! You would find me with in a rather grumpy mood, for not getting my regular fix of paranthas. For someone who has grown up in a Punjabi household, having Aloo Paranthas forContinue reading

Suman Aunty's Pav Bhaji

The goodness of homemade Pav bhaji and why it turns me into a greedy hungry kid. Many years ago, I met a Mumbaikar friend of mine, at Khatta Meetha in Sarojini Nagar and offered to eat Pav Bhaji there. At that point, I didn’t quite understand that any self-respecting Mumbaikar, would not really cherish havingContinue reading