Sarson Ka Saag with Makhan and Gurr

 As the winter season retreats, I thought of sharing my most cherished memories attached with Sarson ka saag, a winter favourite at my home. As I have mentioned in the past, my siblings and I were ‘the strange Punjabi kids’ who grew up on Mirchi Bada and Besan ke Gatte. We lived in Jodhpur, aContinue reading

Prawn Fry - South Cafe

South Cafe in Gautam Nagar, serves home-style food from Kerala that you simply can’t afford to miss. Authentic and straight from the heart, enjoy the simple flavours of one of the finest cuisines of India. A world far removed from the fancy lanes Hauz Khas village or the ever-busy Yusuf Sarai Market, Gautam Nagar isContinue reading


In a country of Tea-lovers, Coffee is still making inroads slowly yet steadily. No wonder, now we have Blue Tokai, a Coffee Roastery and cafe, right here in the heart of the capital. They are surely brewing some magic at this lovely quaint little place.  When it comes to tea and coffee, I’m more of aContinue reading

Strawberry Tarlet

Fresh, seasonal and yummy, strawberries are perfect during this time of the year. Sharing the recipe for Sweet Crust Pastry, for that perfect dessert at your home feasts. We’re bang in the middle of strawberry season. When I was at Westin, the entire month of January was dedicated to Strawberry desserts. In all forms, shapesContinue reading

Mediterranean Quiche

A great quiche must have a perfect pastry, sharing a simple and foolproof recipe for making a savoury short crust pastry. Going through the make and eat section of the blog, I realised, I have never shared a recipe for a savoury baked dish. Besides recipes for winter soups like Tomato – Carrot, Potato –Continue reading

Chocolate Brownies

The simplest recipe to make Chocolate Brownies, dust some fine sugar on top, eat it with nutella or just as it is. This is one dessert, that simply can’t go wrong. After making everyone’s favourite gooey Chocolate Truffle cake for my New Year’s Eve feast, I had decided that it would be a long timeContinue reading

New Year Feast at home

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! It’s a new day, a new year. Not that a change in date really makes a huge difference to life, but it does give a sense of hope. Why else would we sit and make a list of New Year resolutions? We make all the efforts toContinue reading