Pal Dhaba

I was watching a food show on YouTube when I discovered that there’s a food joint by the name of Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh. The way this place was described and talked about in the show was enough for me to make a plan to visit Chandigarh and savour the food. Luckily, we received aContinue reading


Sunday is synonymous with getting up late, gathering around the breakfast table, chatting, listening to each other and spending quality time with family and friends. It only gets better with a large spread of food and some beautiful surroundings. However, putting together that feast can be quite a task. So, in case you are feelingContinue reading

Puran Dhaka

Though I was in Kolkata for some work, a call from my dear friend, Sanglap, got me excited, especially when he promised to take me to another gem of a place, that serves East Bengal food. Being an avid lover of good authentic Bengali food himself, Sanglap was my guide to delicacies and eateries ofContinue reading


It’s no secret that Bengalis love their sweets – not just Rosogulla or Sandesh, but their fruitcakes and rum balls or even the jam tarts. So this one is for the famous Kolkata Bakeries that I love to visit. The city developed under the Britishers, is evidently carrying the influences of their food culture tillContinue reading

Mezze Platter Zerruco

An afternoon of celebrating food, over interesting conversations with fellow food bloggers, in the plush set up of Zerruco at The Ashok Hotel. Could I ask for a better Sunday afternoon? Well, I’d heard many a good things about this Mediterranean restaurant and it was always on my cards. So, when I was invited forContinue reading

Bade ke Kebab - Tablib Kebab Corner

The festival season is just around the corner and for foodies, it’s the happiest time of the year. Now on, almost every single weekend, there will be a food festival or an event centered around food. On the flipside, going to your regular hangouts becomes a tad bit difficult, with crazy traffic jams and hordesContinue reading

Victoria Memorial - Kolkata

“Let’s go to Kolkata this weekend” he said. And as always I replied, “Yes! Let’s go!” However, it would never work out. Finally, after years of dubious planning, my brother and I, found ourselves in Howrah Rajdhani, heading back to ‘The City of Joy’. We both have stayed in Kolkata as students and share aContinue reading