Homemade Bharwan Baingan

Discovering famous Indian and global Brinjal dishes. Yes, I said it. I love Brinjal or Aubergine or Eggplant or Baingan, whatever you may want to call it. It’s said, that Brinjal, the term, came from Portuguese Berinjela, who were largely responsible for getting many vegetables to India. Known as Eggplant in America and Aubergine InContinue reading

Me after Butter Chicken Roll

Places to eat in Meherchand Market If you’re around Lodhi Colony, driving towards Meherchand Market, chances are you’ll spot photographers at almost every intersection. Thanks to the beautiful street art and colourful graffiti on the walls, Meherchand attracts a lot of young crowd. Therefore, the food options here, are varied. Once, just a friendly neighbourhoodContinue reading

Princep Ghaat - Kolkata

What I eat if I have only half a day’s time to spend at Park Street, Kolkata Last week, I was in Kolkata – the city that has played a significant part in my life, in making me the person I am today. I have literally seen the best and the worst times of myContinue reading

Should your food be always authentic?

If your dish is delicious, does it even matter if it’s authentic? To make a good Sushi, must a chef hail from Japan? When it comes to food, do you choose ‘taste’ or ‘authenticity’. On a peaceful quiet night, while going through insta-stories on Instagram, I came across my friend’s story on a restaurant IContinue reading

After my Farm Visit - The Pahadi

Relish a wholesome Organic Farm to Table Traditional Kumaoni meal – cooked on wood fired chulahs and detoxify yourself with clean crisp air at this self sustaining rustic farm stay. In less than a year’s time (9 months to be precise), this was my third trip to Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. Gurjas has always lovedContinue reading

Kyani & Co - Irani Cafes in Mumbai

A story about my two meals at Kyani & Co. Whether it’s sipping on a cup of Irani Chai along with freshly baked Khari biscuits or munching on Brun Maska with Raspberry Soda Pallonji, for many locals in Mumbai, this is routine. The celebrated romance between Mumbai and its Irani Hotel/Parsi Café/Irani Café (whatever youContinue reading

St. Basil's Cathedral - Moscow, Russia

Saurabh and I munched on many Korovka – Milk (Russian Chocolates), while he narrated his fascinating tales about his Russian Summer to me. He was planning this trip for months, hence, he had acquired a great insight into planning a thorough Food & Travel Guide for a week long trip to Russia. So read onContinue reading

Britannia & Co - Ballard Estate Mumbai

My first visit to the famous Parsi Café – Britannia & Company, which gave us the wonderful Berry Pulao! It’s been 35 years since the first ever plate of Berry Pulao was served at Britannia & Company restaurant located at Mumbai’s Ballard Estate. And even today, the restaurant boasts of customers who come from differentContinue reading

Best Places to eat in Bohri Mohalla

Must eats at Bohri Mohalla, Mumbai | Ramzan Special Mumbai, Monsoons and Bhendi Bazaar – my Eid this year, couldn’t have had better ingredients to cook up the perfect story. Being from Delhi, I was well versed with the celebratory vibes of Old Delhi and Zakir Nagar during Ramzan and Eid. So this year, IContinue reading

Bohri Thaal - Bohri Mohalla

A story about Bohri Thaal and Mumbai’s Bohri Mohalla where people live by the motto of ‘Live to Eat’. Welcomed by cloudy skies, we found ourselves in Mumbai’s Bohri Mohalla, this Ramzan/Eid. This locality in South Mumbai is home to many Gujarati Muslim traders famously known as Bohras. Much like Punjabis, they ‘live to eat’,Continue reading